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published: Fri 19th Sep 2014

around the festival site

First Aid

This is the only festival I know of that prints an emergency number on the wristband, making getting assistance easy. Although, there are wandering medical staff on site, and the main stage are often has medical staff in attendence.

Blue Cross Medical Services operate a medical centre at the top of the arena field, and there's a second medical point at the entrance to Field 7a.

In an emergency, call the number on your wristband and Festival Control will send someone. There is a doctor's surgery in Cropredy village and The Horton A&E hospital in Banbury.

Cash Points

There are cash machines provided on the festival site, should you need. The Bridge Store also has a cash machine.

Hot Showers

There are showers located campsite 2 and campsite 7b. There is also a shower for disabled campers located on campsite 6. These showers are free and open from early in the morning to late afternoon. They are not communal. There are often long queues for them in the mornings, and early evenings, and it's probably best to wait until the demand has died down during the afternoon.


Bin bags are provided on arrival to the camping fields, or ask at the steward cabins. The rubbish crew come around the campsite and collect the rubbish bags.


There are toilets a plenty both in the campsites, and at the edge of the main arena, it's worth noting that if there's a long queue for one block of toilets, there's usually another block a short walk away that are unattended. All the toilets are regularly cleaned and stocked, and away from the arena you may need a torch at night.

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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