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published: Fri 19th Sep 2014

around the festival site

The is a great festival for those with mobility problems, as everything is one easily traversable arena. Organisers provide a special viewing platform for festival-goers who are chair-bound or otherwise disabled with a great view. The platform has a ramp for wheelchairs and is situated beside the sound tower with a commanding view of the stage.

The platform is big enough to hold up to a 18 chair-users (allowing for one carer per person) or 15 self-powered mobility scooters. When the platform is full, carers must stand/sit off the riser to accommodate more wheelchairs.

There are adjacent toilets with facilities for people with disabilities, and a decent access path, and all wather ground cover..

Staff stewarding the platform are in radio contact with site control so festival-goers with disabilities will be able to easily find out if there's space on the platform without having to go right down the field, just go to your nearest campsite control cabin.

Fair Mobility based at the top of Field 6 (adjacent to the the Concert Arena) provide self-powered mobility scooters for those who need them. The scooters must be booked in advance by phoning the Fair Mobility scooter booking line 0115 987 5983.

Organisers also provide a good camping area (the flat area at the top of Field 6) specifically for festival-goers with disabilities. This campsite offers disabled toilet blocks and a disabled showers. There are also disabled loos at the bottom of Field 6 (by Gate C), note this field has a slope but there is trackway for wheelchairs. There are also disabled loos at the entrance to Field 7a.

In the arena itself are a further 4 disabled loos. One by the polyjohns at the top, one by the polyjohns by Jonah's Oak, one in the compound at the top of the arena by St John's Ambulance and as mentioned earlier, one by the disabled viewing platform.

Complimentary Carers Tickets are available, after purchasing a ticket, anyone receiving Middle or Higher rate care component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) which means you require full time assistance can apply for a free carer ticket. See the festival's website for more details.

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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