Cambridge Folk Festival 2023 Line-up And Rumours

Cambridge Folk Festival

Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th July 2023
Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8DW, England MAP
Full Festival £205, Thursday: £31, Friday: £83, Saturday: £83, Sunday: £83 camping extra
Daily capacity: 14,000
Last updated: Wed 19th Jul 2023

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Fri 28th, The Den(C) Abhainn
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) Akram Abdulfattah
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Amy Laurenson
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Amy Papiransky
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Angeline Morrison
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Angelique Kidjo
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Anna Ling
Fri 28th, Main Stage(C) Arrested Development
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) Baskery
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Before Breakfast
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Beth Malcolm
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Blood Harmony
Fri 28th, Main Stage(C) Blue Rose Code
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) Breabach
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Brian McNeill
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Broadside Hacks
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Cerys Hafana
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Chloe Matharu
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Chris Cleverley
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) Clare Sands
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) Daoiri Farrell Trio
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Dominie Hooper
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Dominie Hooper
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Doug Levitt
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Eddy Smith & The 507
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Elephant Sessions
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Elkyn
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Ellie Gowers
Thu 27th, The Den(C) Elsi
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Emily Fraser
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Etaoin
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) Faith & Branko
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Feis Rois
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) Ferris & Sylvester
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Fisherman's Friends
Thu 27th, Stage 2(C) Flyte
Thu 27th, Stage 3(C) Frog on a Bike
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Gangstagrass
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) Gentleman’s Dub Club
Thu 27th, Stage 3(C) Georgie Buchanon Trio
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Ghostgirl
Thu 27th, Stage 2(C) Gnoss
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Good Habits
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Grace Petrie
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) Grainne Hunt
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) Granny's Attic
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Gwilym Bowen Rhys
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) Hollie Cook
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Honey and the Bear
Thu 27th, Stage 2(C) Ibibio Sound Machine
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Imelda May
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Imlac
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Isabella Coulstock
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Jenny Colquitt
Thu 27th, Stage 3(C) Jesca Hoop
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) Jinda Biant
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Judy Collins
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) Julian Taylor
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Kate Rusby
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Kiefer Sutherland
Fri 28th, Main Stage(C) Lady Blackbird
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Le Vent du Nord
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) Le Vent du Nord
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Marie Mathias
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Marie White
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Max Bianco
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) Maya Delilah
Fri 28th, Stage 3(C) Michael McGovern
Fri 28th, The Den(C) Milly Upton
Sat 29th, The Den(C) Naala
Thu 27th, The Den(C) Niall McNamee
Thu 27th, Stage 3(C) Nigel Wearne
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Niteworks
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Nuria Graham
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) Oi Va Voi
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) Pavey Ark
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Pedair
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Rob Green
Sun 30th, The Den(C) Rossa Murray
Sat 29th, Main Stage(C) Rufus Wainwright
Thu 27th, The Den(C) Sam Wilkinson
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) Simeon Hammond Dallas
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) Siobhan Miller Band
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) Siomha
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) St. Lundi
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) Stornoway
Thu 27th, Stage 2(C) Symbio
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) The Armagh Rhymers
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) The Ayoub Sisters
Sat 29th, Stage 2(C) The Chair
Sun 30th, Stage 2(C) The Chair
Sun 30th, Stage 3(C) The Henry Girls
Fri 28th, Stage 2(C) The Longest Johns
Fri 28th, Main Stage(C) The Proclaimers
Fri 28th, Main Stage(C) The Sharon Shannon Trio
Sat 29th, Stage 3(C) The Smith & Brewer Band
Thu 27th, Stage 3(C) The Vanguards
Sun 30th, Main Stage(C) William Prince

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