Emily Eavis Seems To Reveal Glastonbury 2024 Ticket Sale Date

Brace yourselves for another November ticket release date

By Iggy Makarov | Published: Fri 22nd Sep 2023

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Earlier today, while replying to a user on Instagram, Emily Eavis appears to have dropped the news that the first batch of tickets for Glastonbury 2024 will go on sale on the 5th of November. This is yet to be officially confirmed, but as no announcement has yet been made about the ticket-release date, most speculation suggested that it was already too late for an October release window. 

Emily Eavis Reveals Glastonbury 2024 Ticket Release Date In Instagram Message

Emily Eavis appears to reveal the ticket sale date as the 5th of November when replying to a user on Instagram


The first batch of tickets was also released in November last year, making a break from the usual October releases in years prior to the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and festival cancellations.


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