Tinderbox 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th June 2018
Tusindarsskoven, Elsesmindevej 5200, Odense, Funen, Denmark MAP
1445 DDK (SOLD OUT), or 995 DDK per day
daily capacity: 50000
last updated: Mon 25th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 30th, Groovebox(C) 666
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) Alan Walker
Fri 29th, Blue Stage(C) Alanis Morissette
Thu 28th, unknown stage(C) Alex Vargas
Fri 29th, Groovebox(C) Barcode Brothers
Thu 28th, Blue Stage(C) Bastille
Thu 28th, Blue Stage(C) Biffy Clyro
Sat 30th, Tent stage(C) Bisse
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Bladtkramer
Sat 30th, Blue Stage(C) C.V. Jorgensen
Fri 29th, unknown stage(C) Carpark North
Fri 29th, Blue Stage(C) Craig David
Thu 28th, Tent stage(C) De Danske Hyrder
Thu 28th, Red Stage(C) Depeche Mode
Fri 29th, unknown stage(C) Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
Thu 28th, Groovebox(C) DJ SASH!
Sat 30th, Red Stage(C) Editors
Thu 28th, Tent stage(C) Efternoler
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) Frank Walker
Fri 29th, unknown stage(C) French Montana
Fri 29th, Tent stage(C) IAMJJ
Thu 28th, Blue Stage(C) Iggy Pop
Sat 30th, Red Stage(C) Jack White
Sat 30th, Tent stage(C) Jamie Lawson
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) Julian Jordan
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Kato
Sat 30th, Blue Stage(C) Kesi
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) Kungs
Fri 29th, Red Stage(C) Kygo
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Laidback Luke
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Lucas & Steve
Sat 30th, Red Stage(C) Madness
Sat 30th, Red Stage(C) Mads Langer
Sat 30th, Tent stage(C) Markus Valentin
Thu 28th, Tent stage(C) Masego
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) Matoma
Thu 28th, Blue Stage(C) Morten
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) Nause
Sat 30th, Blue Stage(C) Nik & Jay
Fri 29th, Tent stage(C) Off Bloom
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Pegboard Nerds
Thu 28th, Red Stage(C) Prophets Of Rage
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) R3hab
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) San Holo
Fri 29th, Red Stage(C) Scarlet Pleasure
Sat 30th, Magicbox(C) Snavs
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) Steve Aoki
Fri 29th, Tent stage(C) The Breeders
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) The Zookeepers
Sat 30th, Blue Stage(C) Tiesto
Fri 29th, Tent stage(C) Timur
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) Toby Green
Sat 30th, Tent stage(C) Velvet Volume
Thu 28th, Magicbox(C) Vini Vici
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) WhoMadeWho
Fri 29th, Magicbox(C) Will Sparks
Fri 29th, Red Stage(C) Wiz Khalifa
Thu 28th, Tent stage(C) Yungblud

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