Sea Change Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

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various venues + Dartington estate, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5QH, England MAP
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last updated: Tue 29th May 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 24th, Dartington(C) Andrew Weatherall
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Apostille
Fri 24th, unknown stage(C) Billy Bragg with Will Burns
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Boy Azooga
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Bryde
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Charles Watson
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Charles Watson
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Chris Carter
Fri 24th, Dartington(C) Damo Suzuki & Bo Ningen
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Daniel Blumberg
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Ex-Easter Island Head
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Group Listening
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Gwenno
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Hater
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Hatis Noit
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Hilang Child
Sat 25th, Dartington(C) Hookworms
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) James Heather
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Josh T Pearson
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Lost Horizons
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Lost Under Heaven
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Penelope Isles
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Raf Rundell
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) Red River Dialect
Fri 24th, unknown stage(C) Richard King & James
Sat 25th, Dartington(C) River Consoles
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Shirley Collins
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Snapped Ankles
Sat 25th, Totnes(C) Sweet Baboo
Fri 24th, Dartington(C) The Surfing Magazines
Fri 24th, Totnes(C) The Weather Station
Sat 25th, Dartington(C) Virginia Wing

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Sea Change Festival 2018
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Sea Change Festival 2018
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