Looe Music Festival 2012 line-up and rumours

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2012
Looe beach, Cornwall, PL13 1DZ, England MAP
£40 for adult weekend, under 18s £10 weekend,under 5s £1 weekend
daily capacity: 3000
last updated: Fri 3rd Aug 2012

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Bird On A Wire
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Caned and Able
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) Cantaloop
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Catseye Morris
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Charlie Wingfield
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Chigwah
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Clare Stokes
Fri 21st, Harbour Stage(C) Company B
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Cook and the Case
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Crowns
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Dartmoor Border Morris
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Dave Rich
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Deviock Community Music
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) Dretonio
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Eclypse
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Empire of Fools
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) FMC
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Grip Like Vice
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Grooveyard
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Hungry Bears
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Idle Hands
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) If...
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) James Shead
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Jay Tamkin Band
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Jenny Jones
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Jessica Sweetman
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Joel Shadbolt
day TBC, unknown stage(C) John Thorpe
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Jumping Out Jazz Band
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Keltique
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Kernow King
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Kernow King
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Kernuyck
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) Kirsti Robinson
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Leon Bratt
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Leon Harvey
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Levellers
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Mad Dog Mcrea
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Marc Rice
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Martin Berre
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) McCue
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Messenger
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Michael Semora
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Mike Silver
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Miner Quay
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Mooga Fooga
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Mothers Ruin
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) OD (Oscar Rodrigues)
Fri 21st, unknown stage(C) Penndrumm
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Plug1 AKA Leyton
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Polly Money
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Poppy Raid
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Real Steel
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Rhythm Room
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Rose Redd
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Samba Kernow
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Sandfire Siren
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) Seeker
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) Shamrock
Fri 21st, Harbour Stage(C) Showaddywaddy
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Simon Townshend
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) South & Bailey
Sat 22nd, Harbour Stage(C) State of Undress
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) Ten Zero One
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) TGMT
Fri 21st, unknown stage(C) The Guise
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) The Lambrettas
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) The Normals
Sat 22nd, Quarry Stage(C) The Oggymen
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) The PJP Band
Sat 22nd, unknown stage(C) The Porthpyra Singers
Fri 21st, Quarry Stage(C) The Skints
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) The Stranglers
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Tom Palmer
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Tosh
Sun 23rd, Quarry Stage(C) Toucan Dance
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Two Spot Gobi
Sun 23rd, Harbour Stage(C) Urang Matang
Sun 23rd, unknown stage(C) Where the Sky Falls

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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Looe Music Festival 2012
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Looe Music Festival 2012
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