Lechlade Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2019
Riverside Park, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3AG, England MAP
currently £84.95 for the weekend with camping
daily capacity: 4000
last updated: Tue 7th May 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) 4th Labyrinth
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(TBC) TBA
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(TBC) TBA
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Alex Black
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Alex Buckley
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Anna's Anchor
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Arcadia Roots
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Ashley Sherlock Band
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Bandit
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) Benji and Hibbz
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Billy in the Lowground
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) Broken Bones Matilda
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) Cartoon Food
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Chasing Deer
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) Chay Snowdon
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Cooper & Davies
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Cousin Avi
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Darren Archer
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Eddie O'Keeffe
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Ellie Dorman
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) Faux Fighters
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Flavour Nurse
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Fortnight in Florida
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Four Colour Ghosts
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Frankenstein's Lobster
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Gavin Pond
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Genevieve Miles
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Gimme Gimme Gimmes
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Graham Mizen
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) grownuplife
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Hannah Scott
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) Hatherop School Choir
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Hell's Gazelles
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) Hooch
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Ian O'Regan
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) IN ECHOES
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jack Patchett
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jack Woodward
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Jake In The Box
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jaybirds
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) Jennings Couch
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) Jetstream
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Joel Gardner
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Joy-Amy Wigman
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) Katy Hurt
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Krooked Tongue
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Little Red Kings
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Lorna Pritchard
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Lynsey MacDonald
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Makings
Sun 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Melinda Ortner
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Nick Aslam
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Nick Mazonowicz
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) North Wilts Rock Choir
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Oli Ryder
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Ollie NG and his band
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Oxford Manchoir
day TBC, Comedy Tent(C) Paul Avery
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Plucking Different
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Pretty Babs
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) Quaintest Show on Earth
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) Sarah C Ryan
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Scarlet Rebels
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Seprona
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) Shamona
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Solid Gone
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) Stagecoach Faringdon
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) Syren Belly Dancers
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Syren Belly Dancers
Fri 24th, Yuasa Stage(C) T@TT Band
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) Tasha Leaper as Madonna
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) Tenth Electric
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) That 80s Rock Show
Fri 24th, Bar Stage(C) The Borgias
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) The Casual Ties
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) The Covasettes
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) The Ed Lofstedt Assembly
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) The Feeling
Sat 25th, Bar Stage(C) The In-here Brothers
Fri 24th, Main Stage(C) The Marley Experience
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) The Ollie West Band
Sun 26th, Main Stage(C) The Roscoes Wild Child
Sat 25th, Main Stage(C) The Strays
Sun 26th, Bar Stage(C) Tokyo Taboo
Sat 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Tsarzi

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