Lechlade Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 25th to Sunday 27th May 2018
Riverside Park, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3AG, England MAP
currently £79.95 for the weekend
daily capacity: 4000
last updated: Fri 25th May 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Alphabet Backwards
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Ashley Sherlock
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) Bella McKendree
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) BIGG
Fri 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Billie Alderman
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Blue Genes
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Bonfire Radicals
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Boogie Me
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Calton Kelly
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Centrefolds
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Chris Reardon
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Cousin Avi
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Doctor and the Medics
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Drew Bryant
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Duo 41 & Heartstrings
Fri 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Emma Stevens
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Feral Ghost
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Flash - A Tribute to Queen
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Flora Greysteel
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) Frankensteins Lobster
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) From The Jam
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Grafton Ash
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Gus White
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Haxan
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Hell's Gazelles
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Hush Mozey
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jamie Felton
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jen Stevens
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Jennings Couch
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Jersey Budd
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Kaleido Bay
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Katy Hurt
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Lewis Fieldhouse
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Little Brother Eli
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Louie Miller
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Luke Philbrick
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Magic Bus
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Meerkats
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Miracle Glass Company
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Never The Bride
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) North Wilts Rock Choir
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Other Animals
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) Plucking Different
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Rebecca Hurn
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Saint Apache
Fri 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) Sam Draisey
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Samira Riachy
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Scouting For Girls
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Shamona
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Sharna-Mae & the Mayhems
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Stagecoach Faringdon
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Street Cats Dance
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Swanvesta Social Club
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) Syren Belly Dancers
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) Syren Belly Dancers
Fri 25th, Yuasa Stage(C) T@TT Band
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Ten Tombs
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) The Casual Ties
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) The Covasettes
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) The Inflatables
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) The Kelly Line
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) The Magician's Nephew Band
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) The Ollie West Band
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) The Retros
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) The Roscoes Wild Child
Sun 27th, Bar Stage(C) The Shadow Monkeys
Sat 26th, Bar Stage(C) The Strays
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) The Wicked Jackals
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Twister
Fri 25th, Bar Stage(C) Verity White
Sat 26th, Yuasa Stage(C) Wednesdays Wolves
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Whole Lotta Led
Sun 27th, Yuasa Stage(C) Will Heggadon

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Lechlade Festival 2018
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Lechlade Festival 2018
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