published: Mon 24th Jan 2005

Note: sleeping in vehicles in the car parks will not be permitted by the security patrols.

Accept it - wherever you camp, however much territory you try to stake out for yourselves, you will end up with a VERY near neighbour.

Stewards will direct people away from full camping fields to those still with space - this is for the safety of everyone. Please respect their directions - when a field is full, it's full!

Don't camp near the hedges or toilets unless your chosen aroma is urine (and while we're on the subject, DON'T PISS IN THE HEDGES!!! When it rains it all washes down the hill and into the streams, causing serious environmental damage).

Pick your spot carefully - try not to camp near the tracks/roads, and choose the higher ground (this is particually good advice if it's wet, as the tracks can turn into rivers of mud).

The further away from the center of things, the 'quieter' (that's a relative term!) things are. However, the 'Sacred Space' (a non-camping area) tends to be busy all night, so camping near to that can be loud.

There is a limited amount of firewood, which disappears almost as soon as its delivered on site. Don't take live wood from trees and hedges - amongst other things, it doesn't burn.

There is a quieter Family Camping area in Cockmill Meadow fields with a secure fenced off area, 24 hour Campsite Stewards, and improved lighting. This is a quieter place to camp, especially if you have young children who can be hell if sleep-deprived. It's also fairly near to the Kidz Field. So if you want to party all night, please do not head for that field, you will only upset your neighbours, and are likely to be asked to move elsewhere.

Tidy up around your campsite before you leave, and bag your rubbish. Plastic waste bags (green for recycable items and black for other rubbish) are available from the property lockups.

There are camping equipment stalls in the markets if you forget to bring any essential kit.

All the camping is (unlike at most other festivals) inside the main site, along with the entertainment. Camping is included in the cost of the ticket.

Please read the security advice to help ensure your Festival isn't spoilt.

For information about tipi's click here.

For information about campervans click here.

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festival information by: Neil Greenway

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