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published: Fri 8th Jan 2010

With over 1000 performances in 3 days on many different stages and performance areas, the variety is huge. As well as the music there is cabaret & comedy, theatre and circus acts, and a vast amount of weirdness.

So.... when you go to see an act that you'd been looking forward to, but it turns out to be not of the standard you'd hoped, walk away - there is undoubtably something better happening elsewhere..... around 50,000 people did just that to escape the Happy Mondays truly awful performance in the early '90's - there were crushes at the gates with people trying to leave!

Don't plan to see too much - you could spend the whole weekend dashing from stage to stage, but you'd miss out on all the other bits - plan to see a few things each day, then just go with the flow - you'll have the time of your life!

Make sure you visit each stage/area to catch at least one act - we assure you that with the quality on offer, you won't be disappointed. Also make sure you venture round the site from end to end, they'll be something unexpected round every corner.

For a completely different atmosphere, make sure you check out the Kidz Field. A festival within a festival, there's masses of activities, shows and rides to keep kidz of all ages happy. (Please remember that it's a kids area, and their safety and enjoyment is everyones concern - so don't go and check it out completely pissed, for example.)

Give yourself time to sit down, "people watch" and take in the atmosphere. Night time at Glastonbury is fantastic, whether it's dancing your way through the market areas, finding that elusive party in the Green Fields, the weirdness of Trash City/Shangri La, or (missing in 2002 - what happened??) drumming and didgin' in the Sacred Space (or, "not much space" as it should be called after midnight ;-).

Take sensible personal precautions, and remember that the site looks completely different at night - so make a note of some nocturnal landmarks.

The official music stages are covered by the licence conditions. The Pyramid, Jazz World and Other stages will be allowed to operate until midnight, and the Pyramid stage until 12.30am. Smaller stages will be able to operate until 12.30am. The Park stage will open on Thursday.
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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