Beat-Herder 2019 line-up and rumours

Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July 2019
Ribble Valley, Sawley, Gisburn, Lancashire, BB7 4LF, England MAP
currently £165 for the weekend - sold out
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Mon 24th Jun 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, Trash Manor(C) 3xrcst
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Adored
day TBC, Fortress(C) Aiden Francis
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Altitude
day TBC, The Ring(C) Andy Buchan
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Andy Pyett
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Andy Robinson
day TBC, Comedy(C) Angelos Epithemiou
Fri 12th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Basement Jaxx (DJ set)
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Bear Growls
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Beast Decoys
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Benny L
Sun 14th, Trash Manor(C) Bill Brewster
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Billy Daniel Bunter
day TBC, The Ring(C) Boe & LX
day TBC, The Ring(C) Bombstrikes Soundsystem
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Bontan
day TBC, The Ring(C) Campo & Kreature
Sun 14th, The Factory(C) Captain Hotknives
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Carly G
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Charla Green
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Chester
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Chris Lorenzo
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Clitheroe Pop Choir
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Codex
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Cousn
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) Creatures Of Habit
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) D'oink
day TBC, Comedy(C) Danny Sutcliffe
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Dave Heaton (T.M.C)
day TBC, Comedy(C) David Stanier
Sun 14th, The Factory(C) Davos
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Definitely Mightbe
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) DJ fflyffilyfbybl
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) DJ Gypsy Fingerz
day TBC, The Ring(C) DJ Hazard
day TBC, The Ring(C) DJ Norx
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) DJ Pheeva
Fri 12th, The Ring(C) DJ Q
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) DJ Tomas Por Culo
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) DJ Vinyl Style
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) DJ Yoda
Fri 12th, BH&DWMSC(C) Doghouse Derelicts
Fri 12th, BH&DWMSC(C) Dr Packer
Sun 14th, The Factory(C) Dream Frequency
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Drop The Floor
Fri 12th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Drum Machine
Fri 12th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Dub Pistols
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Dub Smugglers
Sat 13th, Perfumed Garden(C) Duncan Gray
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Dutty Moonshine Big Band
day TBC, The Ring(C) Dutty Moonshine Dj Set
day TBC, The Ring(C) Endor
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Father Funk
day TBC, The Ring(C) Featurecast
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Foor
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Fossa
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Foxes Faux
Sat 13th, BH&DWMSC(C) Frank Straponton
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Funk Assassin
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Galaxians
day TBC, The Ring(C) Gawp
Sun 14th, Toil Trees(C) Gina Breeze
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Grinny Grandad
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Groove Armada (live)
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Gypsy Fingerz
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Hannah Wants
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) Hedge Gods
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Henge
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Horseman & The Uppercut Band
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Hot 8 Brass Band
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Huxley
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Illyus & Barrientos
day TBC, The Ring(C) Jaguar
day TBC, Bushrocker Hi-Fi(C) Jah Youth Roots Ambassador
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) James Holroyd
day TBC, Comedy(C) Jamie Hutchinson
day TBC, The Ring(C) JFB
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) John Haycock
Fri 12th, Perfumed Garden(C) John Paynter
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) John Tree
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Joseph Edmund
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Josh Parkinson
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Kate Fear
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Kazabian
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Kelvin 373
Fri 12th, Trash Manor(C) Kettama b2b DJ Haus
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Kilnsey Green
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Klonk
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Klose One
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Knuckle
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Krysko
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) La Fleur
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Latmun
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Liohness
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) Logan & Manley
Fri 12th, BH&DWMSC(C) Lord Ryan & The Tops
day TBC, The Ring(C) Macky Gee
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Mark XTC
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Matty Robbo
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Matumbi ft. Dennis Bovell
day TBC, The Ring(C) Metrik
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Michael Bibi
Sun 14th, BH&DWMSC(C) Mik Artistik
Sun 14th, Toil Trees(C) Mikey D.O.N
day TBC, The Ring(C) Mindex
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Mista Bump
day TBC, The Ring(C) Mooqee
Sun 14th, Toil Trees(C) Mr Scruff
Sat 13th, Perfumed Garden(C) Mrs Cakehead
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Mrs Cakehead
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Nana Moon
day TBC, The Ring(C) Nancie
day TBC, The Ring(C) Nemone
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Nicola Bear
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Nosebleed
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) Nuala
day TBC, The Ring(C) Official Nancie
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Oliver Thomas
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Opiou
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Pancake Steel Band
day TBC, Comedy(C) Paul Smith
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Paul Taylor
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Peat Loaf
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Pete Le Freq
day TBC, Toil Trees(C) Peza
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Phibes
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Pink Floydian
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Pocket Size Dave
day TBC, Toil Trees(C) Prok I Fitch
day TBC, The Ring(C) Prospa
Sun 14th, Trash Manor(C) Psychemagik
Sun 14th, Toil Trees(C) Purple Disco Machine
day TBC, Comedy(C) Rachel Fairburn
Fri 12th, Fortress(C) Rebuke
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Red Snapper
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Red Tin Dave
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Rich Lane
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Rich Lane
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Ricky Isted
day TBC, Comedy(C) Rob Mulholland
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Rop The Floor
Fri 12th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Rudimental
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) S.P.Y
day TBC, Comedy(C) Sam Gore
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Scalping
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Screech Rock
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) Seas of Mirth
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Selecta J-Man
Sun 14th, The Factory(C) Shades Of Rhythm
day TBC, The Ring(C) Shaka Loves You
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Sister Sledge
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Skank Marvin
Fri 12th, Toil Trees(C) Skream
Fri 12th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Slamboree (XL Live Soundsystem)
day TBC, Trash Manor(C) Slug Butter
Sun 14th, Toil Trees(C) Sonny Fodera
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Soothsayers
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Stanton Warriors
Fri 12th, Perfumed Garden(C) Stee Bowden
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) Stig Of The Dub
Sun 14th, BH&DWMSC(C) Stu Penders
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) Suck It And Spin
day TBC, The Ring(C) Sugarbeat Residents
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Terry Farley
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) The Dub Jazz Soundsystem
Sun 14th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) The Lancashire Hotpots
Sun 14th, The Factory(C) The Moods
Sat 13th, Beat-Herder Stage(C) The Orange Circus Band
day TBC, BH&DWMSC(C) The Plimp Souls
day TBC, Smoky Tentacles(C) The Rubber Duck Orchestra
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) The Shodigy
Sat 13th, The Factory(C) The Showhawk Duo
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Tim Tan Underwood
Sun 14th, Fortress(C) Tom Wainwright
Sat 13th, Toil Trees(C) Tosh
day TBC, The Ring(C) Utah Saints
Sat 13th, Trash Manor(C) Victor Simonelli
Fri 12th, The Factory(C) Warmduscher
Sat 13th, Fortress(C) Where's North?
day TBC, Perfumed Garden(C) Woman
day TBC, The Ring(C) X-Ray Ted

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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