Beardy Folk Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2019
Hopton Court, Hopton Waters, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, DY14 0EF, England MAP
currently £99
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Thu 30th May 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) 3 Daft Monkeys
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Alden Patterson & Dashwood
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Alden Patterson & Dashwood
Fri 21st, Acoustic Stage(C) Bella, Polly & The Magpies
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) Ben Robertson
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Blair Dunlop
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) Calum Jones
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Chris Helme
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Dan Webster
Fri 21st, Acoustic Stage(C) Dan Webster
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Daria Kulesh
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Demi Marriner
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Fly Yeti Fly
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Fly Yeti Fly
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Gary Stewart's Graceland
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Gilmore & Roberts
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Harri Endersby
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Harri Endersby
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Holy Moly & the Crackers
Fri 21st, Acoustic Stage(C) Iona Lane
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) Katie Spencer
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) Kirsty Merryn
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Mark Radcliffe, Russell & Lee
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Martyn Joseph
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Merry Hell
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) O'Hooley & Tidow
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Reg Meuross
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) Road Not Taken
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Skerryvore
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) The Trials Of Cato
Sat 22nd, Acoustic Stage(C) The Trials Of Cato
Fri 21st, Acoustic Stage(C) Tom Malachowski
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Urban Folk Quartet
Sun 23rd, Acoustic Stage(C) Virginia and the Dreamkeepers
Fri 21st, Acoustic Stage(C) Wood, Wire and Words

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Beardy Folk Festival 2019
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