Balter Festival 2015

Friday 5th June 2015
secret location, South Wales, Wales
last updated: Thu 21st Jan 2016

Returning after the succes of last year Balter Festival returns on 5th June 2015 to a secret location in South Wales, featuring music and art from the UK and European underground scene.


Main Stage: Renegade Brass Band, Danny T & Tradesman feat Parly B, Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon, China Shop Bull, Captain Hotknives, Dub Boy & Tenja, Shire Roots & Blazenstein ft. Joe Burn, Seas of Mirth, Will Tun & The Wasters, Salutation Dub Collective, Spoken Herd, Moor Shire Soundsystem, Gwarn Owl, King Bolo, Frenchone.

One Lion takeover: Phili ‘n’ Dotz, Granville Sessions, Moose Funk Squad, Unan & L Plate, Subindex.

Jigsore Soundsystem: DJ Hidden, Ruby My Dear, Vandal, Sully, Ed Cox, The Teknoist, Mandidextrous, Yowii, DJ K, Stivs, Ghost, M.D.S, C3B, Kid Lib, Kelvin 373, J-Man, Pastaman b2b Nick Ed, Osh Kosh, Dub Liner, Audiomission b2b Seyms, Spacedocker, DJ Fuk, Figcake, E-coli, General Waste, Rufftek & T-Menace, Doc PZDC, Computer Says, Little Monster, The Wize Guys, MC Noia.

Unknown Soundsystem Takeover: Chris Liberator, Bakarak, Minghead, Smarty, Overkill.

BBL Soundsystem Takeover: Scamp, Lemon Drizley Crew, Jamin Nimjah, Nass.

The Hex: Aphrodite & MC Felon (History of DnB set), JFB, Murlo, Aries, Stenchman, Dutty Inspectors, Dephicit & Summer Bright, C@ in the H@, Riffs & Haslem, Sebby T, Will Short b2b Dis-Tek-Sik, Squincy Innit, Jake & The Phatman.

Tremor Soundsystem vs Swing ‘n’ Tingz takeover: Kotch, Bear Twists, Matt Ma G.

The Balkanical Circus: Tantz, Calico Jack, Hallouminati, Ushti Baba, Mr Tea & The Minions, Fat Sandwich, Manushka, Black Persuasion, Jolly Rodger, Boundary.

The Drawing Room: Riffz, Omnirhythm, Algorithmic, Pants & Socks, Black Orchid, Boda, Chunda, Matt:Scratch, Sharkman, The G.S.C, Panda, Tapeworm, Mz Manon, Dook Nookem, Lemon Girl, Chico.

Off Me Nut: Spongebob Squarewave, Phatworld, Squire of Gothos, Smiley Max, L3ft Luca5, Daddy Long Legs

Jungle Syndicate vs Amen-Tal: Dr Bastardo, Anorak,, Vocoda, Otako, Dwarde, Raggamuffin, Doomham, Sargy, Wombcorps, Sam's Myth.

Digga Soundsystem: Dr Cryptic, Thorpey, Audiogutter, Yeahhbuzz, Womble, Ali Monster, Raggamortis, Dick.

Long Live The Animals: AcdBrnOut, Schnez, Jedtek, Drake Mallard.

The Disco Dome: TBA


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Friday 5th June 2015
secret location, South Wales, Wales
last updated: Thu 21st Jan 2016

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