Celebrity DJs at Beonix Music Festival 2022

Who Captured Listeners' Hearts Last Year

By Iggy Makarov | Published: Mon 5th Jun 2023

BEONIX Festival

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September 2023
ETKO, 31 Tsiflikoudia, Limassol, Cyprus MAP
€55 For 1-day pass
Daily capacity: 10,000
Last updated: Mon 5th Jun 2023

Last year Cyprus became bright with neon lights and cosmic sounds for several nights as the Larnaca coast hosted the Beonix music festival. It became a great addition to a string of European summer events devoted to electronic music. 

Larnaca Beach was filled with an atmosphere of upbeat emotions coming from a vast number of happy electronic music fans who had just met and heard their favorite DJs. The event definitely left a mark in the hearts of its visitors, and now with the upcoming new edition of Beonix, it is time to remember its former celebrity performers.

Moments to Remember

Last Year in Larnaca, the Beonix event caused a blast among its visitors. They still relive the best moments of it and impatiently wait for another one to come. The stage was one of the most memorable parts of the festival. Its decoration and performers made quite a show. The spectators traveled to another world that is free of prejudice and where it is possible to be who you are. 

Top Powerful Guests

Several distinguished DJ performers hosted the Larnaca festival. Their skills and musical taste established a friendly and relaxed environment. Diverse melodies and mixes make those weekend nights one long, energetic dance session. Who were the top influencers on Beonix? Let’s recollect some of the headliners from the last seasons.

Carl Cox

 Carl Cox

This performer was a ticking bomb because many fans were excited to see and hear his mixes. Carl Cox is a living legend of electronic music. Back in 1996, he was already a distinguished and sufficient house and techno British performer whose talent was acknowledged by the DJ Magazine.

Who Made Who

 Who Made Who

They became one of the most prominent trio of recent years. The band makes their music partially electronic. They add live instruments and ambient beats to the sound, so the overall impression is like you are listening to a live classical concert. 

Their long mixes have tons of watches on YouTube and many appreciative reviews. They combine various elements and tunes in their creations, like no-wave, punk-funk, and sneaky covers. However, the major style can be described as techno, indie-rock, and dance-punk.

Paul Kalkbrenner

 Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul is a major talent who succeeded in cinema and music. He has been creating music and experimenting since he was 17. In 2001 he succeeded in releasing the first tracks. And later, in 2004, his album “Self” attracted Berlin movie creators with a wonderful offer to create a soundtrack to a film.

During his long DJ career, Paul became widely famous and even released his album in 2015 through Columbia Records. His music is full of compelling beats with pinches of melodic tunes that make you forget your present life and depart your consciousness to another dimension.

Deborah De Luca

 Deborah De Luca

De Luca is a gifted, world-famous DJ from Italy. Her minimal grooves and melodies make the crowd move in a magical trance. Her musical career led her to establish her own label called Sola_mente Records.

Besides her music career, Deborah is a successful Instagram model. Her photos have lots of likes. And she uses her fame to impress fans with her mixes and energetic tunes. She travels around the world performing at the top electronic music festivals.

This Year New Surprises

Great news! A new Beonix music festival will be in Limassol on the last weekend of September. Partygoers will have a chance to meet more music selectors with a unique approach to music creation. The first-known celebrities are Stephen Bodzin, Jan Blomquist, Innellea, Black Coffee, and others.

Hurry up to buy tickets while they are in stock, and see you in Limassol, September 22-24!

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