140 More Artists Added To The Great Escape 2023 Line-up

Yonaka, Moonchild Sanelly, The Goa Express, Coach Party, VLURE, Jazmin Bean, Mac Wetha and more!

By Neil Greenway | Published: Tue 28th Mar 2023


Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th May 2023
various venues, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9NA, England MAP
currently £85
Daily capacity: 15,000
Last updated: Thu 20th Apr 2023










10-13 MAY 2023, BRIGHTON 



 Tuesday 28th March 2023 – Today, The Great Escape announces an additional 140 artists for its 2023 edition. The city-spanning Brighton festival promises appearances from some of the most exciting acts on the international circuit, including Yonaka, Moonchild Sanelly, VLURE, The Native, Jazmin Bean and many more. Recognised globally as one of the most exciting festivals for new music, the festival will play host to over 450 emerging artists, underground acts and streaming staples. Spanning 35+ walkable venues throughout the city and boasting a 3-day conference featuring big music industry names, The Great Escape will take place from 10-13 May 2023. Tickets for The Great Escape festival start from £40 for a day ticket and £105 for the weekend which are on sale here

Joining over 250 artists already announced for the festival, the new additions range from local Brighton indie rock outfits to breezy Australian punk bands and Berlin-based experimentalists. Recently announced rock royalty The Pretenders will be joined by a wealth of exciting talent, including Brighton locals and festival stalwarts Yonaka, promising to deliver their blend of punk riffs with pop DNA to their hometown. Globe-trotting South African pop goddess Moonchild Sanelly will also be making an appearance, alongside the formidable Glaswegian electro-punks VLURE and their intense dancefloor anthems. Down the coast in Plymouth, indie rock specialists The Native are cooking up their melancholy anthems for the Brighton crowd, whilst Jazmin Bean will bring her dark, theatrical pop-metal. 

Also joining the line-up is British super-producer Future Utopia (AKA Fraser T. Smith) who has worked with the likes of Dave, DJ Seinfeld, Kojey Radical and poet laureate Simon Armitage to produce soulful British music with a scathing political undertone. Youthful rap prodigy Songer, whose incredible songcraft and freestyle flow has turned heads across the UK is also on the bill. With influences from Bon Iver to Bollywood, songwriter Jasmine Jethwa has also joined the fray, alongside rule-bending alt-psych auteurs TTRRUUCES, who combine Brit-rock influences with opera sensibilities. Also added is Lost Girl, providing an education in garage-infused pop, with flavours of club, reggae and R&B. 

In addition to the above, The Great Escape promises to take music fans on a tour of the finest the UK has to offer. Brighton native math-rock merchants Orchards are set to excite whilst Burnley noisemakers The Goa Express, Isle Of Wight indie act Coach Party, introspective indie pop lovers modernlove. andDublin’s primal guitar heroes Sprints will also perform. The line-up additions continue with Boyish and Tay Iwar, an NYC-based indie rock duo and Nigerian neo-soul savant respectively, joined by a member of London’s NINE8 Collective; Mac Wetha, a DIY pop innovator who’s pushing the envelope of pop expectations. 



7EBRA | Albertine Sarges | Astles | Bedroom High Club | Bingo Fury | Boyish | Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard | Coach Party | Cole Bleu | Dirtsharks | Freak Slug | Gena Rose Bruce | Hanya | Holiday | Ghosts | Jasmine Jethwa | Katie Phelan | KIDS | Lael Neale | Lip Filler | Lucky Iris | Mac Wetha | MF Tomlinson | Midnight Rodeo | Minor Conflict | Modern Woman | modernlove. | OMBIGIIZI | Pacific Avenue | Pale Blue Eyes | Picture Parlour | Sophie Jamieson | Sötnos | Spielmann | St Lundi | SUDS | System Olympia | The Broken Islands | The Foxies | The Goa Express | The Kairos | The Native | The Pretenders | The Umlauts | TTRRUUCES | Wax Works | White Flowers | Whitelands 

From glistening indie rock to dreamy alternative artists, The Great Escape is known as a place to discover the hottest upcoming indie music. Joining the ranks this year will be Swedish indie pop twin duo 7EBRA, Berlin-born experimentalist Albertine Sarges, Liverpool local Astles, Barnsley new age indie group Bedroom High Club, experimental Bristol crooner Bingo Fury, downbeat indie duo Boyish, 70s glam rock lovers Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Isle of Wight indie rock quartet Coach Party, emotionally relatable Cole Bleu, Cornwall alt-rock band Dirtsharks, lo-fi Mancunion indie artist Freak Slug and the melancholic, country-tinged indie of Gena Rose Bruce. Also announced are gritty dream-pop Brighton band HANYA, Cornish indie rock four-piece Holiday Ghosts, reflective singer-songwriter Jasmine Jethwa, dreamy acoustic artist Katie Phelan, Florida indie rock quartet KIDS, American indie rock musician Lael Neale, West London indie punk five-piece Lip Filler, Leeds alt-pop duo Lucky Iris, DIY pop innovator Mac Wetha, Eclectic Australian singer/songwriter MF Tomlinson, woozy surf pop sextet Midnight Rodeo, eccentric three-piece Minor Conflict, folk-influenced punk collective Modern Woman, catchy Irish indie-pop rising stars modernlove., Canadian duo OMBIGIIZI, breezy Aussie rockers Pacific Avenue, Sheffield-via-Totnes modernist pop trio Pale Blue Eyes, dizzying indie quartet Picture Parlour, intimate and honest London-based singer Sophie Jamieson, Swedish indie pop grunge duo Sötnos, indie-pop newcomer Spielmann, London based singer-songwriter St Lundi and emo-indie four-piece SUDS. Joining these acts will also be Italian/London-based producer, songwriter and vocalist System Olympia, Canadian post-rock shoegaze six-piece The Broken Islands, Nashville-based power DIY trio The Foxies, northern noisemakers The Goa Express, Scuzzy indie rockers The Kairos, anthemic indie five-piece from Plymouth The Native, the legendary rock band fronted by iconic vocalist Chrissie Hynde The Pretenders, expressive art punk The Umlauts, rule-bending alternative psych-pop band TTRRUUCES, Leeds indie pop artist Wax Works, Dream pop duo White Flowers and London dream-pop shoegaze band Whitelands. 




Acid Klaus | Anna B Savage | CATBEAR | Charlotte Plank | eee gee | Ellie Moon | Jessie Marcella | Jo Hill | LVRA | Marina Herlop | Memphis LK | MOON MATES | OROVEGA | Petite Noir | Polite Bureaux | Proteins of Magic | Rose Gray | Saloni | Surya Sen | The Rubens | Valencia Grace | Voya | Wallgrin | Whammyboy 

Holding the flag for the pop fans and dancefloor obsessed is a host of brilliant acts. This includes Sheffield electronic pop producer Acid Klaus, Dublin-based singer-songwriter Anna B Savage, queer synth-pop outfit CATBEAR, British Australian D&B newcomer Charlotte Plank, Danish pop storyteller eee gee, Liverpool-via-Madrid popstar Ellie Moon, Leeds composer and producer Jessie Marcella, catchy pop singer-songwriter Jo Hill and hyper pop and club influenced songwriter LVRA. Joining these exciting artists is the vocally intriguing, inspired pianist Marina Herlop, Australian dance-pop prodigy Memphis LK, addictive German pop outfit MOON MATES, Spanish pop singer OROVEGA, hypnotic pop Petite Noir, broken beat-maker and bassist Polite Bureaux, audio-visual alt-pop artist Proteins of Magic, trance influenced brit-pop Londoner Rose Gray, Bollywood-meets-pop crossover artist Saloni, British-Bengali born electronic producer Surya Sen, Aussie alt-rockers The Rubens, TikTok breakout songwriter Valencia Grace, dark electronica new-wave acts Voya, experimental Canadian artist Wallgrin andNorwegian space pop artist Whammyboy



Baby Cool | Edie Bens | Núria Graham | rainbow frog biscuits | The Dimpker Brothers 

Representing folk, Americana, country and beyond are a fine selection of new acts, including psych-folk songwriter Baby Cool, Welsh folk-inspired singer Edie Bens, breezy homespun folk-pop songwriter Núria Graham, quirky folk-influenced pop act rainbow frog biscuits and Sweden's answer to folk-pop The Dimpker Brothers. 



Abigail Asante | AE | Bricknasty | David GotSound | Debby Friday | Future Utopia | GIRLSofGRIME | HMD | Juice Menace | Lost Girl | Luke RV | Mace the Great | McKinley Dixon | Moonchild Sanelly | NAYANA IZ | REEMUNNII | Songer | YOHVN BLVCK 

Bringing the heat to The Great Escape is no mean feat, but the following artists have been handed the gauntlet to hype up the crowds throughout the city. This group includes hyped drill rapper Abigail Asante, South London rap duo AE, Irish Neo-soul collective Bricknasty, South East London lyricist David GotSound, Canadian experimental singer/rapper Debby Friday, Ivor Novello and Grammy winning producer Future Utopia, female-led grime and rap DJs from GIRLSofGRIME, Manchester poet and producer HMD, Cardiff-hailing rapper Juice Menace, garage-influenced rappers Lost Girl, South Wales MC Luke RV, Cardiff based grime and hip-hop artist Mace the Great, rising American rapper McKinley Dixon, South African rapper, singer and 'Queen of Gqom' Moonchild Sanelly, hypnotic British-South Asian artist NAYANA IZ, UK female drill artist REEMUNNII, multi-faceted UK rap prodigy Songer and hip-hop and R&B fusion artist YOHVN BLVCK



ADMT | Alana Maria | Becky Sikasa | Benny Atlas | Delilah Holliday | Donna Thompson | Ebi Soda | Ella More | Elmiene | Emiko | Fari Chiketa | Flip Top Head| May | Odreii | Sophie Faith | Tay Iwar | TENN | The Joy | The Scorpios | Thumpasaurus | Toni Sancho 

Providing smooth soul sounds and funky jazz experimentation to The Great Escape are these next artists. Ranging from silky R&B vocalists to neo-jazz collectives, there is something in store for everyone and anyone. This includes northern R&B singer-songwriter ADMT, R&B freestyler Alana Maria, versatile German soul singer Becky Sikasa, Wolverhampton R&B lover Benny Atlas, lo-fi soul artist Delilah Holliday, community-driven drummer and vocalist Donna Thompson and Brightonian jazz funk quintet Ebi Soda. They are joined by soul-bearing Birmingham singer Ella More, smooth R&B singer-songwriter Elmiene, neo-soul auteur Emiko and Fari Chiketa, post-rock jazz seven-piece Flip Top Head, Berlin-based singer-songwriter May, Canadian R&B soul singer Odreii and soul-jazz fusion artist Sophie Faith. Lastly, they are joined by neo-soul singer Tay Iwar, Sheffield-based R&B singer TENN, acapella and Zulu-influencedSouth African natives The Joy, psych-Afrobeat 10-piece The Scorpios, unique groove funk band Thumpasaurus and theExploratory London-based songwriter Toni Sancho



Animal Shithouse | Benefits | Berry Galazka | Butch Kassidy | CRASHFACE | DEADLETTER | HotWax | Jazmin Bean | Junodream | Minas | Nice Biscuit | ORCHARDS | PABST | PEACH | Problem Patterns | Public Body | Rauchen | RVG | Signature Gold | Sprints | Spyres | The Luka State | TRAAMS | Trout | VLURE | WREX | Yonaka 

Heavy licks are always championed at The Great Escape, with acts ranging from art-punk collectives to gritty Australian punk, there will be no shortage of head-banging at the festival this year. Bringing this six-string fury will be hardcore punk band Animal Shithouse, the loud and vitriolic Teesside punks Benefits, pop-punk rapper Berry Galazka, Ealing noise rock outfit Butch Kassidy, London hardcore metal duo CRASHFACE, London-via-Yorkshire post-punk six-piece DEADLETTER, UK punk powerhouse HotWax, dreamy-grunge artist Jazmin Bean, ethereal DIY rockers Junodream, Greek-Welsh punk electro duo Minas, Brisbane psych-rock quintet Nice Biscuit, glistening math-rock band ORCHARDS, Berlin-based power trio PABST and Bristol post-punk outfit PEACH. They are also joined by hardcore Irish rockers Problem Patterns, Brighton nativeart-punk band Public Body, heavy-hitting German band Rauchen, Australian post-punk band RVG, Brighton alt-rock Band Signature Gold, Dublin garage-punk provocateurs Sprints, Hard rock Glaswegians Spyres, abrasive Chesire indie rockers The Luka State, progressive and gritty Chichester trio TRAAMS, angsty grunge act Trout, Glaswegian post-punks VLURE, alt-rock duo WREX and local heavy rock quartet Yonaka. 





7EBRA                                 HotWax                                 REEMUNNII 

Abigail Asante                    Jasmine Jethwa                 Rose Gray 

Acid Klaus                           Jazmin Bean                      RVG 

ADMT                                   Jessie Marcella                 Saloni 

AE                                          Jo Hill                                    Signature Gold 

Alana Maria                        Juice Menace                     Songer 

Albertine Sarges               Junodream                          Sophie Faith 

Animal Shithouse             Katie Phelan                       Sophie Jamieson 

Anna B Savage                 KIDS                                      Sötnos 

Astles                                    Lael Neale                           Spielmann 

Baby Cool                            Lip Filler                               Sprints 

Becky Sikasa                     Lost Girl                               Spyres 

Bedroom High Club         Lucky Iris                             St Lundi  

Benefits                                Luke RV                               SUDS 

Benny Atlas                        LVRA                                    Surya Sen 

Berry Galazka                    Mac Wetha                          System Olympia 

Bingo Fury                           Mace the Great                 Tay Iwar 

Boyish                                   Marina Herlop                    TENN 

Bricknasty                            May                                        The Broken Islands 

Butch Kassidy                    McKinley Dixon                 The Dimpker Brothers 

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Memphis LK                                   The Foxies 

CATBEAR                           MF Tomlinson                    The Goa Express 

Charlotte Plank                 Midnight Rodeo                 The Joy  

Coach Party                       Minas                                    The Kairos 

Cole Bleu                             Minor Conflict                     The Luka State 

CRASHFACE                     Modern Woman                 The Native 

David GotSound               modernlove.                        The Pretenders 

DEADLETTER                   MOON MATES                  The Rubens 

Debby Friday                     Moonchild Sanelly            The Scorpios 

Delilah Holliday                 NAYANA IZ                         The Umlauts 

Dirtsharks                            Nice Biscuit                         Thumpasaurus 

Donna Thompson             Núria Graham                    Toni Sancho 

Ebi Soda                              Odreii                                    TRAAMS 

Edie Bens                            OMBIGIIZI                           Trout 

eee gee                                Orchards                              TTRRUUCES 

Ella More                             OROVEGA                          Valencia Grace 

Ellie Moon                           PABST                                 VLURE 

Elmiene                                Pacific Avenue                   Voya 

Emiko                                    Pale Blue Eyes                  Wallgrin 

Fari Chiketa                        PEACH                                 Wax Works 

Flip Top Head                    Petite Noir                           Whammyboy 

Freak Slug                           Picture Parlour                   White Flowers 

Future Utopia                     Polite Bureaux                   Whitelands 

Gena Rose Bruce             Problem Patterns              WREX 

GIRLSofGRIME                 Proteins of Magic             YOHVN BLVCK 

Hanya   Public Body         Yonaka 

HMD                                      rainbow frog biscuits         

Holiday Ghosts                  Rauchen               




THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                        SATURDAY 

Benefits                        Acid Klaus                    Alana Maria 

Big Wett                        Arthur Hill                      Baque Luar 

Blondshell                     BELLAH                       Butch Kassidy 

C.O.F.F.I.N                   Benefits                        Coach Party 

Charlotte Plank             Fat Dog                         Daniel Wakeford 

Coach Party                  FEET                            David Kitt 

cumgirl8                        Hak Baker                     Gengahr 

Deb Never                    Jazmin Bean                 Hallan 

The Goa Express          Jessica Winter              I. Jordan 

Grove                           JFDR                            James Ellis Ford 

Heartworms                  Katie Gregson-Mcleod   James Marriott 

Lael Neale                    L Devine                       Petite Noir 

Mae Stephens               Lady Ice                        Problem Patterns 

McKinley Dixon             Lambrini Girls                PVA 

Mestizo Collective         Modern Woman             Sprints 

  1.                         Nell Mescal                   System Olympia 

Rose Gray                    Oscar Browne               The Kairos 

Sorry                            Sad Night Dynamite       The Rubens 

SuperJazzClub              Sylvie                           The Scorpios 

The Big Moon               The Luka State              Tom Ford 

The Last Dinner Party    The Murder Capital        TRAAMS 

Venbee                         The Pretenders             Tramhaus 

Victor Ray                     Witch Fever                  TROUT 

Willie J Healey              Yonaka  

Yunè Pinku        


Weekend from £105 

Thurs - £40 

Fri - £45 

Sat - £55 

Fri/Sat - £80 








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