The Great Escape 2024

The Great Escape

buy tickets now > Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th May 2024
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currently £85
Daily capacity: 15,000
Last updated: Tue 9th Apr 2024

The Great Escape features hundreds of international and UK pop, cutting edge, hip hop, electronic, and rock acts showcased at over 30 walkable venues across Brighton.

The dates for the 16th edition are confirmed as Wednesday 15th until Saturday 18th May 2024. 


Confirmed for TGE24 are Indie singer-songwriter Faye Webster kicking off the festival at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall.

Also confirmed so far are:

Aggrasoppar, Aka Kelzz, Alfie Jukes, Aleighcia Scott, Alessi Rose, Alfie Templeman, Alien Chicks, Amble, Angélica Garcia, Anna Mieke, Another Sky, Antony Szmierek, Arrows In Action, Asha Jefferies, Ashy, Automotion, Ayano Kaneko, Aysanabee, Aziya, Babymorocco, Baby Said, Battlesnake, Beattie, Been Stellar, Beetlebug, Begonia, Bel, Bel Cobain, Beside The Pool, Big Sleep, Big Special, Bird, Bishopskin, Blackgold, Bnny, Bodur, Bolis Pupul, Bon Enfant, Bon Jour, Bound By Endogamy, Bradley Simpson, Brockhoff, Brògeal, Buyi Band, Caleb Kunle, Cat & Calmell, Canty, Cardinals, Carsick, Cherym, Chiedu Oraka, Chinchilla, Choses Sauvages, Chowerman, Coex, Colour Tv, Comrad, Conchúr White, Conscious Pilot, Cordelia, Corella, Cosmorat, Corridor, Cruel Sister, Cryalot, Crystal Tides, Dalle Béton , Dan Whitlam, Darren Kiely, Dartz, Debbii Dawson, Deeps, Dellaxoz, Delilah Bon, Desiree Dawson, Dilettante, Dirty Blonde, Domico, Dove Ellis, Dream Nails, Earth Tongue, Eaves Wilder, Ebbb, Ed Cosens, Eighty Eight Miles, Electric Cherry, Elinborg, Elsy Wameyo, Emileo, Emmeline, En Attendant Ana, Enola, Erin Lecount, Ernie, Erotic Secrets Of Pompeii, Essence Martins, Eve Owen, Fabiana Palladino, Faux Real, Fcukers, Ferge X Fisherman, Fine, Fiona-lee, Flat Party, Fold Paper, Food House, Forest Claudette, Fräulein, Fred Roberts, Freekind., Friday Pilots Club, Friedberg, Frost Children, Full Flower Moon Band, Gallus, Gglum, Gia Ford, Go-jo, Good Neighbours, Gretta Ray, Gut Health, Hana Lili, Haviah Mighty, Helsinki Lambda Club, Henry Grace, Highlyy, Hohnen Ford, Holy Wars, Hongza, House Of Women, Humane The Moon, Humble The Great, Idestroy, Immy, Jackie Moonbather, Jacob Alon, Jake Vaadeland, Jalen Ngonda, Jambinai, Jango Flash, Jasmine.4.t, Jawnino, Jayo, Jersey, Joe & The Shitboys, Joe Giden With Jim Sclavunos, Joe P, John J Presley, Johnny Hunter, Kaeto, Kathlen Morrison, Kayla Grace, Kiimi, Kingfishr, King Hannah, King Isis, Kneecap, Kuzi Cee, La Sécurité , Lambrini Girls, Lana Lubany, Landel, Lauran Hibberd, Lauren Mayberry, Leah Kate, Len, Lexa Gates, Lite, Liz Lawrence, Lizzie Reid, Love Fame Tragedy, Lover's Skit, Lucy Tun, Lvra, Mackenzy Mackay, Mad Tsai, Maggie Andrew, Maius Mollis, Mali Velasquez, Malice K, Malvina, Man/woman/chainsaw, Marathon, Marissa Burwell, Mary In The Junkyard, Melanie Baker, Mellt, Mette, Michael Diamond, Milk., Mishaal Tamer, Miso Extra, Miso Extra, Mock Media, Moira & Claire, Mrcy, Muireann Bradley, Mui Zyu , Muriel, Myles Smith, Nati, Neckbreakers, Néomí, Nightbus, No Windows, Noah And The Loners, Noahfinnce, Nusantara Beat, Nyssa, Oiee, Oliver Keane, Olivia Lunny, Opus Kink, Oscar Browne, Other Half, Our Girl, Overpass, Pertrelli Purple, Philine Sonny, Picture Parlour, Pixey, Platonic Sex, Plantoid, Projector, Psychonaut, Quiet Houses, Rachael Lavelle, Radio Free Alice , Ray Laurél, Ready The Prince, Really Good Time, Rett Madison, Rio Rainz, Rivkala, Romy Nova, Ruby J, Rum Jungle, Safesp8ce, Sailor Honeymoon, Saloon Dion, Sarah Crean, Sarah Julia, Saya Gray, Sen Morimoto, Shambolics, Sharktank, Shvvn, Sinkane, Sirens Of Lesbos, Slate, Soft Launch, Soft Loft, Soft Play, Solaariss, Southern River Band, St Arnaud, Sylvie Kreusch, Talia Rae, Tamara & The Dreams, Teenage Dads, T L K, Tyler Lewis, The Belair Lip Bombs, The Big Day, The Cavemen, The Clause, The Crooks, The Dare, The Life, The Menstrual Cramps, The New Eves, The Sheratons, The Southern River Band, The Tubs, Tiberius B, Tom Lark, Tom Rasmussen, Tommy Wa, Trout, Twst, Tyler Lewis, Ugly, Unflirt, Uninvited, Uly, Uto, Unpeople, Velvetine, Victoria Canal, Vox Rea, Wavy Abyss, Winona Forever, Witch Prophet, Wunderhorse, Yard, Yhwh Nailgun, Yoshika Colwell, Y U Qt, Yoshika Colwell, Zach Templar, Zaha De Sagazan, Zaho De Sagazan, Zheani, Zoe Graham and others.

Spain was announced as Lead Country Partner for 2024 and a special Spanish Wave is forecasted to hit TGE in the form of Depresion Sonora, Eva Ruiz, Lala Hayden, Sila Lua, Mavica, Mujeres, Ona Mafalda, The Gulps and many more. 



buy tickets now >

Tickets for 2024 are on sale currently priced at £95 for a three day saver ticket.

A festival ticket gives access to the core venues, subject to each venues' capacity.

Delegate passes also available.

Note: over 18s only.

International partner

The Great Escape's lead international partnerships have enabled new and emerging artists from some of the most exciting music markets in the world to showcase their talents in front of the festivals internationally diverse audience of industry and festival goers.

The Convention

As well as the live music, there's also a number of interviews with luminaries from the world of Music and Media, to show the way in which success is achieved, as well as educational panels, workshops and networking sessions. The UK's premiere music business convention, is a place for music industry professionals from across the world to exchange knowledge, ideas, contacts and business.

More information will be here when available.

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