Eddie And The Hot Rods, Spear of Destiny, Sonic Boom Six, & more for Undercover Festival

at a new home on Brighton Racecourse

By Scott Williams | Published: Mon 4th Jan 2016

Eddie and the Hot Rods

Friday 9th to Saturday 10th September 2016
Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9XZ, England MAP
£85 for the weekend with camping
Daily capacity: 1,500
Last updated: Wed 7th Sep 2016

The first acts have been announced for Undercover Festival. The fourth edition of the festival of punk, ska, indie, alternative, and acoustic acts takes place at a new home, Brighton Racecourse, in East Sussex over two days on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September 2016.

Headliners are to be announced in the coming months who will join Spear of Destiny, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Sonic Boom Six, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, 999, Chelsea, Sex Pistols Experience, XSLF, Radical Dance Faction (RDF), Spizzenergi, Anti Pasti, The Cravats, Department S, The JB Conspiracy, Menace, TV Smith, 1919, The Tuts, Piranhas Four, Church Of Eon, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, The Meow Meows, Criminal Mind, WitchDoktors, Tree House Fire, Lead Shot Hazard, Charred Hearts, Pints, Rage DC, Xtraverts, Viki Cortex & The C** Shots, Emergency Bitter, Crisis Warning, AMI, Skaciety, Mick O'Toole, Army of Skanks, Phoenix Chroi, R.E.D., Sweet Jonny, Demon Smiles, The Fanzines, Archive 45, The Marginals, Ray Gun, No Lip, Echo & The Beats, ARXX, Punka, 5 Go Mad, The Mistakes, RatBag, Sarah Pink, Comrade X, Negative Measures, Aim Low, Little Treasure Allstars, Plutonian Fire Brigade, Pig City Angels, Harsh Times, Disinclined, and Grymm.

Festival Organiser Mick Moriarty said, "Undercover Festival is back bigger and better with more stages and bands than ever before at our new home Brighton Racecourse. We are pleased to be able to move to Brighton, a city that is renowned for its appreciation of alternative 'outside the box' music, and we are proud to add our festival to Brighton’s rich and varied culture.

"As the name suggests, it’s an indoor event but with two days of alternative action from bands you’d be highly unlikely to see on many other festival line-ups. We believe the usual run-of-the-mill festivals tend to book bands that in the main are broadly similar – and way too safe! We try for a line up and experience that is something different and appeals to a crowd not catered for elsewhere.

"Being a small independent grassroots festival is tough because media attention is always on the big boys. But we’ve got through to our fourth year and we’re going strong because what we have created really has struck a chord with people who like their music raw and full of the passion and energy that only acts like ours generate."

The festival grew out of a small tent tucked in the back corner of the sadly departed GuilFest in Surrey and has now become a firm fixture in many people’s diaries, with dedicated fans coming back year on year.

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Early bird tickets are priced at £70 for a 2 day e-ticket with camping, or £60 without camping.

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