Wiley quits CockRock after 15 minutes

the new bad boy of Twitter has another pop at festivals on farms & charity

published: Mon 22nd Jul 2013


Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2013
Wellington Farm, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QU, England MAP
£69 for weekend pass with camping
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Fri 21st Jun 2013

Twitter's favourite nutty UK rapper Wiley who had a moan about not being paid enough to show up at Glastonbury Festival last month, has this time boasted about how much he earnt after his aborted appearance at Cockermouth Rock Festival 'CockRock' last weekend.

The 'Wearing My Rolex' singer was expected to have a 45 minute headlining set on the main stage on Saturday at the event held at Wellington Farm, in Cockermouth but after just 3 songs quit because some of the crowd were booing him.

He'd previously tweeted on his @WileyUpdates Twitter account, that he would not be appearing at the festival, adding "just the name of that festival in Cumbria makes me not wanna go." He also tweeted his dislike for festivals in the countryside, and that he did not want to headline the 'Cockrock" Festival on Saturday complaining,"Billy please stop sending me to farms to peform please mate ...I am a yardie man ffs wtf ...

He also revealed he didn't like travelling to festivals adding, "You can get to Holland and Cyprus quicker than north Wales and Cumbria now u see what I'm saying ...there not places I wanna drive."

It seemed as though he was happy about the booking, though as before taking to the stage he appeared more upbeat talking about the food, and added, "Jammin at the festival and do not worry everything is ok ...just had a moan about the distance but then drove it anyway .for my fans .."

However after playing his hit, and trying to briefly explain his Twitter posts to the crowd, he was booed, called it a night and quit the stage.

He seemed to be even happier about the short set, tweeting, "I Just earnt £1000 a min. Best job ever despite anything else... I drove into Cumbria picked up 15 k underneath the noses of a few haters not everyone was ... just a few ..."

The festival is a non profit event set up to help raise money for two local causes, the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue and The Pride of Cumbria, as well as to encourage and promote local bands and musicians.

However Wiley made it clear he would be taking his pay cheque adding, "Dear god you know I don't care about money and I am not fooled by charities either ....But I'm gonna piss this 15 k up the wall." 

He later added, "Charity ? Lol ....people who scream charity ? Are full of shit ....they are making money themselves the tramps lol."

The singer continues to be unrepentant and added the following day, calling the Cumbrian crowd 'pagans' as the backlash continued to grow against him, "All pagans from yesterday's festival get the off my @'s and go and find something constructive to do and let me spend this money in peace."

Last month the 34-year-old decided not to appear at Glastonbury and tweeted several times about the bad weather and how poorly he was being paid to perform tweeting, "Glastonbury ain't paying me enough to leave my comfort zone." And tweeting the Glastonbury Twitter account, "Please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again... please cancel me without sueing I would like that. I'm fed up of coming to your festival I wanna do my own one."

Now doubt Twitter followers will be watching with interest his Tweets ahead of future appearances at Global Gathering, The Big Summer Session, Leeds/Reading, Fusion Festival, and Sundown Festival, and it will be interesting to see how many festivals pick him for their line-up in the future. He may well have to start his own festival. Perhaps he shouldn't piss his pay cheque up the wall, he may not have that many more. 

eFestivals was at last weekend's CockRock Festival and will be bringing you reviews and photos of the event this week, once we've recovered. 

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2013
Wellington Farm, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QU, England MAP
£69 for weekend pass with camping
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Fri 21st Jun 2013

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