Sum 41 : Notts Ice Arena, 2nd Feb 2003


By Luke Seagrave | Published: Thu 6th Feb 2003

After a blazing set at The Carling weekend 2002, Sum 41 returned this year with a new album and a new tour. Seeing as they were amazing last year, it would have been wrong for us not to catch them on this tour.

Sum 41

Nottingham Ice Arena was packed to the rafters with teen rockers. The girls were dressed like Avril Lavigne, and the boys resembled something that had been dragged from the closet of Grange Hill.

Sum 41 arrived on stage to the screams of all their teenage fans. To say that the members of Sum 41 are energetic would be an understatement, these guys go absolutely wild on stage and are constantly jumping, and running around on the stage like school children that have just been let out for their morning break.

Sum 41

Even though these Canadian rockers have got such a sweet and innocent image, don’t be fooled, these spiky-haired hell raisers shout about suicide, Anne Nicole Smith, gin and cold pizzas, as well as saying the occasional F-word. I’m no prude, but I think a lot of the parents took offence. This is definitely not a band for the Pepsi generation.

Sum 41

They played quite a lot of new material from their current album ‘Does This Look Infected’, including ‘The Hell Song’ and ‘All Messed Up’, which caused the crowd to go absolutely berserk. Obviously the teenagers got over excited and started to fight, at which point Deryck (singer) had to tell the crowd to stop fighting.

Sum 41 even played some of their classic tracks like ‘Motivation’, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘In Too Deep’ which the audience just lapped up. The pace was notched up a gear when ‘Fat Lip’ was performed; even the teenagers parents were bouncing around to this track.

Sum 41

There was even a part in the show where the audience were asked to shout out any song and Sum 41 would play it. The audience had the pleasure of seeing these spiky haired teen rockers do renditions of songs by Queens Of The Stone Age, Green Day, and Metallica.

Sum 41

This was an extremely enjoyable gig, I don’t like many of their songs, but live they are just awesome, and they have that ability to keep the audience entertained throughout the entire performance. I have no idea what category of music you would put Sum 41 in. Whatever it is, it’s very addictive.
review by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

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