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published: Sat 7th Dec 2002

I'm a tough girl. I can handle a weekend in the cold, the mud and rain. I can sleep in a tent and cope without access to a shower, a hair salon and my extensive wardrobe.

But do I really want to spend weekends at festivals looking my worst? I've devised some helpful hints for looking better than the girl in the tent next door…

What to Pack

Don't take a huge bag. Don't be one of those girls I saw teetering in platform heels across the field at Phoenix '95, wheeling their suitcases behind them… that just reeks of DOCU-SOAP.
Your festival wardrobe should consist of a flexible outfit that incorporates hot weather wear and rainwear. Anorak over a dress and boots works a treat….

Looking Good

Get thee to a stationery shop and buy a zip-lock plastic bag to put all your bits in - you know, the ones you put your books in at Primary School - they're waterproof.

Forget the usual make up bag, instead take:
One waterproof eyeliner pencil
One waterproof mascara
One lip liner pencil: this doubles as lipstick when mixed with Vaseline
One small tube of tinted moisturiser with UV protection
Vaseline: for use as lip balm and removing mascara
Book of Powder paper (try Body Shop): use instead of powder or use to blot lipstick (the powder keeps it on too)

If you can, get samples of foundation etc from Boots. Use eye/lip liners that have been sharpened down so they fit in a purse. If your lip liner is a neutral colour, mix it with the Vaseline and use as a cream blusher - dab powder over the top to set it.

Keep your make up as cool as possible - melted make up pencils are of no use to anyone.

Don't take moisturiser - just take a small bottle of sun cream - it'll moisturise body and face and stop you getting burnt should the sun make an appearance.

Forget those expensive Face Cleansing Wipes. Go to your local supermarket and get Fragrance-Free Baby Cloth Wipes - you usually get 80-100 for around £2.10, and they're bigger in size. Tesco and Boots have recently both done Buy One Get One Free on these…..


If you're really enjoying yourself, it's unlikely that you won't make it to the showers… Freshen up by the running water taps, or if you're SO wasted that you can't move, give yourself a wipe over with those trusty Baby Wipes.

If you HAVE to wash your hair, stick your head under the water tap, scrub in some shampoo, and stick you head back under quickly - really only worth doing if the weather's good, or you may as well just stand in the rain. And forget the conditioner and styling products - you're at a festival and should be spending your day doing something more interesting…

If The Worst Comes To The Worst...

Mmm…. It's all a bit messy really, coping with periods at festivals. There are 3 rules to help you get through it:
1. Wash hands before and after going to the toilet
2. Take ample supplies even if you think you don't need them
3. Take your Unfragranced Baby Wipes with you into the loo - if they're good enough for a baby's bum, they're good enough for your erm.…

Smooth Moves

Unless you regularly wax, you're bound to be a bit hairy over the weekend. If you're a bit of an exhibitionist, take a Bic and shave your legs under the water taps. If it bothers you that much get a cheap battery ladyshaver - but I don't promise you won't get laughs at the humming sound coming from your tent though.

And Finally...

If you still hate the whole idea, stay at home… there's nowt worse than whiney females - the idea is to have FUN!

Also check out the Weather and Fashion Guide.

festival information by: Butterfly

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