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published: Sat 7th Dec 2002

ButterflyWhat To Wear??!!!

GIRLS: Get that bikini top out - they reckon the sun's gonna shine! Make sure you don't burn though - to avoid your shoulders frazzling in the hottest part of the day (12.00-14.00) with a skinny fit eFestivals t-shirt (they're ALL wearing them y'know). Skirts are always a good bet, 'cause if your legs get cold you can a) pull up your over-the-knee socks or b) wear a pair of flares underneath (that trouser/skirt combo is still looking fab).

BOYS: Shorts are good in the sunshine, then all us girls can have a good look at your legs. H&M or Topman do cheap combat shorts or ¾ length combat trousers - the great thing is that they have pockets so you can carry around all your girlfriends bits and pieces for her. Again, don't burn your lovely muscle-y shoulders! Get an eFestivals t-shirt.


RAIN! In case of light showers, get a kagool/pac-a-mac. The more lightweight the fabric, the quicker it dries. Don't walk around in soggy jeans all weekend or you'll be prone to chaffing.

WARMTH! If the weather's good - hurrah! But don't forget that the sun goes in at night-time and the moon doesn't generate much heat. You might want to take woolly jumpers so you can party through the night. Hats, long socks and gloves are also a plus - basically anything that covers your pulse points (neck, wrists, back of knees, groin - yes smirk all you like but these areas are where your blood flow is most exposed to the cold air…).

FEET! Boots, boots, boots. They're great 'cause they keep your feet warm at night and protect them from drunken people stepping on them. And make sure they don't give you blisters because you will be walking for HOURS. If it's muddy, let them get caked in mud because it will form an extra water-tight layer against the rain. Take a pair of old trainers in your Going-Home-Kit (see below) and if the weather is fine then you can wear them instead of your boots.

GOING-HOME-KIT! In the event that all your clothes are caked in mud, save an outfit (comfy clothes advised) to travel home in. Four hours in a coach/car or even the train journey will much easier in a fluffy jumper and your most comfy trainers.

If You Intend To Dress Like A Rhino/Question Mark/Mad-Space-Age-8-Foot-Bug-Monster

I have absolutely no useful advice for you, but I promise to laugh. A lot.

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