Threshold Festival of Music & Arts 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 13th to Saturday 14th April 2018
The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 0BS, England MAP
£15 for the weekend
last updated: Mon 26th Mar 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 14th, Hobo Kiosk Pub(C) Angus Parkin
Sat 14th, District(C) C.O.W
Sat 14th, unknown stage(C) Chanel & The Circus
Sat 14th, District(C) Claire de Lunacy
Sat 14th, District(C) Connah Evans
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Daisy Gill
Fri 13th, Holdings Group Building (outside)(C) Danny O'Connor
Sat 14th, unknown stage(C) Diva Hollywood
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Ellie Rose Smith
Sat 14th, District(C) Emergency Tiara
Fri 13th, District(C) Emilio Pinchi
Fri 13th, District(C) Fick As Fieves
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Foxtrap
Sat 14th, District(C) Galactic Funk Militia
Fri 13th, District(C) Hollows
Sat 14th, District(C) Indigo Vibe
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Jazamin Sinclair
Sat 14th, Hobo Kiosk Pub(C) Kevin John Eustace
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) KingFast
Sat 14th, District(C) Little Peaches
Sat 14th, District(C) Mardhys
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Mersey Wylie
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Mica Jane
Fri 13th, District(C) Mixnots
Sat 14th, District(C) Naffrodite
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) NaMo
Sat 14th, District(C) Nana Funk
Fri 13th, District(C) Nikki and The Waves
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Operation Lightfoot
Sat 14th, District(C) our neck of the woods
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Ovvls
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Peter J Smythe
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Ray Wills
Sat 14th, District(C) Rowena Gander
Sat 14th, District(C) Salsa Groove Familia
Fri 13th, District(C) Salt the Snail
Sat 14th, Hobo Kiosk Pub(C) Sarah Jones
Fri 13th, District(C) Simple Fiction
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Sub Blue
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) Tabitha Jade
Fri 13th, District(C) The Mono Lips
Sat 14th, District(C) The Science of the Lamps
Sat 14th, Unit 51(C) The Soul Rays
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Tilly Valentine
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Tortusa / Breistein
Fri 13th, Unit 51(C) Video
Sat 14th, District(C) White Little Lies

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