Terminal V Festival 2023 Line-up And Rumours

Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th April 2023
Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH28 8NB, Scotland MAP
From £69.95 / person
Daily capacity: 10,000
Last updated: Mon 27th Mar 2023

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sun 9th, Area V(C) 999999999
Sun 9th, Area V(C) Adiel
Sat 8th, Hangar(C) Aisha
Sun 9th, the Terminal(C) Alan Fitzpatrick
Sat 8th, Area V(C) Amelie Lens
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Aphid
Sat 8th, Green House(C) Big Miz
Sat 8th, Hangar(C) blk.
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Boys Noize
Sat 8th, Hangar(C) Cera Khin
Sat 8th, Area V(C) charlie sparks
Sun 9th, Area V(C) Charlotte de Witte
Sat 8th, Blackbox(C) Chippy Nonstop
Sat 8th, Green House(C) Dan Shake
Sat 8th, Blackbox(C) Dana Montana
Sat 8th, Blackbox(C) DJ Mell G
Sat 8th, Hangar(C) Dyen
Sat 8th, the Terminal(C) Eli Brown
Sun 9th, Area V(C) Enrico Sangiuliano
Sat 8th, Green House(C) Ewan Mcvicar
Sat 8th, Area V(C) Farrago
Sat 8th, Hangar(C) Franck
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Francois
Sat 8th, the Terminal(C) Franky Wah
Sun 9th, Area V(C) Frazi.er
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Hadone
Sat 8th, Area V(C) Hector Oaks
Sat 8th, Area V(C) I Hate Models
Sat 8th, the Terminal(C) Ida Engberg
Sun 9th, the Terminal(C) indira Paganotto
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Jacuzzi General
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Jks
Sat 8th, Green House(C) Lena Willikens
Sat 8th, Blackbox(C) Luca Eck
Sun 9th, the Terminal(C) Marco Faraone
Sat 8th, the Terminal(C) Matt Guy
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Mixed Feelings
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Outflight
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Prosumer
Sat 8th, the Terminal(C) Rebuke
Sat 8th, Area V(C) Slam (Live)
Sun 9th, Area V(C) Stephen Brown
Sat 8th, Blackbox(C) Taahliah
Sun 9th, Blackbox(C) Tigerhead
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Timothy Clerkin
Sat 8th, the ? tent(C) Xivro

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