Staxtonbury 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July 2018
Manor Farm, Staxton, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO25 3QH, England MAP
£60 for the weekend
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Thu 10th May 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Alan Lewis
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Amy Cutler
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Ashleigh McPherson
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Atomic Raygun
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Bandwagon
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Bhudda Side Up
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Blue Alibi
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Boomin
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Chris Berry
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Circa 15
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Con-Verse
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Dark Lightening
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Dave and Charlotte
Sun 8th, Main Stage(C) Entertainment Co
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Fie, Fie, Fie
Sun 8th, Main Stage(C) Follow Deep
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Friday Street
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Friday's Child
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Generator
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Guilty as Charged
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Huge
Sun 8th, acoustic(C) James Brown
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Jesse Hutchinson
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Jim Taylor
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Jimbo/Laura Kindelan
Sun 8th, acoustic(C) Jo Hendrix
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Juke Tones
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Kanimari Drummers
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Kaya
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Kelly Ann Bolland
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Kelly Ann Bolland
Sun 8th, acoustic(C) Kid Conventional
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Lauryn Ellis
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Little Black Heart
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Longworths
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Loose Coverz
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Low Focus
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Malton School Soul Band
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) March the Ally
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Mark Stanley
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Molly Thompson
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Northern Riots
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Nowhere Now
Sun 8th, acoustic(C) Phil Parker
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Polygon
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Pure Magic
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Pure Magic
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Quiet Eyes
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Rat Pack
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Ruby and the Prowlers
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Shamrockers
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Skandals
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Slack Habits
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Snatch
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Sophy and Jordan
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Soul Rida
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Sourheads
Sun 8th, Main Stage(C) Starfish
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Strangers in Paradise
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Stuart Jackson
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Sub Gents
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Suzy Bradley
Sun 8th, Marquee Stage(C) Ten 79
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) The Chris Berry Band
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) The Chris Berry Band
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) The Colour Fine
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) The Feds
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) The Harringtons
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) The Heavily Bros
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) The Jackdaws
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) The Nobodys
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) The Travelling Band
Sun 8th, Main Stage(C) The Travelling Band
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) The Woolgatherers
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) The Woolgatherers
Fri 6th, acoustic(C) Tom McKenzie
Sat 7th, acoustic(C) Tom Turner
Sat 7th, Marquee Stage(C) Touch of Blues
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) Wild Academy
Fri 6th, Marquee Stage(C) York Turnpike Trust

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