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published: Fri 14th Oct 2011

Roskilde is held in the place of the same name in Denmark and is one of the four largest festivals in Europe. After being started by a couple of students and a promoter (Mogens Sandfær, Jesper Switzer Møller, Carl Fischerin respectively) in 1971 it is now run by the Roskilde Foundation as a non-profit organisation for development and support of music, culture, and humanism. There are around 80,000 tickets available every year, the capacity being 110,000 with all the volunteers, media and artists. The festival runs with the help of a lot of volunteers, 21,000 to be precise, and applications are taken for the large variety of jobs on the festival website, click here.

The festival has a 'warm up' from usually the last Sunday in June, where campers can settle into the campsite. The arena opens the following Thursday, with music running until the Sunday. The whole festival sits on 80 hectares, and there are 13 areas within the campsite with different activities, like painting, climbing, skating, etc. The tents are so close together that cooking is advised in areas called agoras with cooking pits and sand to prevent fires. There is also a swimming lake and a separate fishing lake, where perhaps you can try and catch your tea?

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festival information by: Danielle Millea

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