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published: Fri 14th Oct 2011

There are two main campsites, separated by the train tracks and station. East if noisier but closer to the arenas, West is a little quieter but you have to walk over a tall bridge to get to the arena. South camping is overspill at the back of the festival. Be aware that on the last Sunday night the campsites get a little crazy; many regulars leave as people tend to smash tents up with poles and generally go mad. East is worst than West.

East has more to do, with the indoor cinema (with real popcorn stalls and seats) showing Japanese horrors and new releases. Many people enter Campsite of the Festival to win tickets to next years event. Some make their own boom boxes to make it into a real party. Though it may be crowded and messy, this festival has a real party atmosphere, the crowd speak English (and don?t mind it) and there is plenty to do.

There is a laundrette and internet café onsite, and the festival runs its own newspaper.

The toilets and showers are pretty clean but there are not enough for the many masses that cram into the campsites. There are no urinals outside of the arena, so be prepared for eight days of people (male and female) going against the fence..

Camping changes for 2010

Roskilde Festival's camping areas are located in the middle of one of the largest raw material extraction areas in Denmark which is being dug up. A new gravel pit is now in place in the middle of the old Camping West site. For Roskilde Festival 2010, there will now be several new camping areas, including east of Køgevej (near entrance East) and to the south, near the village of Vor Frue.

At the same time, new road layout, access to electricity and sanitation is planned along with a tunnel leading under the Køgevej.

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festival information by: Danielle Millea

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