Cambridge Rock Festival 2019 Line-up And Rumours

Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2019
Haggis Farm Polo Club, Barton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 7AT, England MAP
currently £115 for 4 days, camping extra
Daily capacity: 2,500
Last updated: Thu 4th Jul 2019

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) 4th Labyrinth
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) All New Blues And Soul Revue
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Atomic Rooster
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Ben Poole
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) Big 10
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Blues Boy Kings
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) Caravan
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) Cats In Space
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) Chris Bevington Organisation
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Chris King Robinson
Thu 25th, Sapphire Stage(C) Cornerstone
Thu 25th, Sapphire Stage(C) Creedence Clearwater Review
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) Dandelion Charm
Fri 26th, Emerald Stage(C) Dave Thomas
Sun 28th, Emerald Stage(C) DodoBones
Thu 25th, Ruby Stage(C) Don Airey & friends
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Doris Brendel
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) FM
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) Franck Carducci
Thu 25th, Emerald Stage(C) Gig-l
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) Grace
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Haxan
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Jackie Wilson Says
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) JFK Blue
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) John Otway Big Band
Sat 27th, Emerald Stage(C) Johnny Wright & Max Bianco
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) Keith Pearson Band
Fri 26th, Emerald Stage(C) Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry
Thu 25th, Ruby Stage(C) Kingdom Of Madness
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Lexie Green
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) Light Skies Darken
Fri 26th, Emerald Stage(C) Maracay
Sat 27th, Emerald Stage(C) Mark Shepherd
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) Mary Reynaud
Sat 27th, Emerald Stage(C) Matt Pearce
Fri 26th, Emerald Stage(C) Matthew North
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Mostly Autumn
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) Mother Black Cap
Sat 27th, Emerald Stage(C) Old Country Crossfire
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) Pale Horse
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) Paprika Blues Band
Sat 27th, Emerald Stage(C) Paul Cook Band
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) Pearl Handled Revolver
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) Porcelain Hill
Sun 28th, Emerald Stage(C) Rich Young & Ted Koehorst
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) Roadhouse
Sun 28th, Emerald Stage(C) Rough 'N' Ready
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Selective Collective
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) SeYes
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Son of Man
Sun 28th, Sapphire Stage(C) Southbound
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) Square Wild
Thu 25th, Emerald Stage(C) Steve Logan
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) Steve Rodgers and his band
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) T Clemente Band
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) The Blackheart Orchestra
Thu 25th, Ruby Stage(C) The Brink
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) The Far Meadow
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) The Hayley Griffiths Band
Fri 26th, Emerald Stage(C) The Jo Ash Trio
Fri 26th, Ruby Stage(C) The Mentulls
Sat 27th, Sapphire Stage(C) The Mustangs
Thu 25th, Sapphire Stage(C) The Pure Floyd Show
Sat 27th, Ruby Stage(C) The Room
Sun 28th, Emerald Stage(C) Tom McCartney
Sun 28th, Ruby Stage(C) Voda
Fri 26th, Sapphire Stage(C) Winter In Eden

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