Radar Festival 2022 line-up and rumours

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July 2022
Corner House, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4SQ, England MAP
£64.99 for both days
daily capacity: 1600
last updated: Thu 26th May 2022

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 30th, Stage Two(TBC) secret headliner
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) Black Orchid Empire
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Bossk
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Cage Fight
Fri 29th, unknown stage(C) Car Bomb
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Cold Night For Alligators
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Conjurer
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) David Maxim Micic
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) Devil Sold His Soul
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Dirty Loops
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) El Moono
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) EnTro-P
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) Eyeball
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) Forager
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Hacktivist
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Haken
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) HAWXX
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) Humanity's Last Breath
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) Icarus Dive
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Intervals
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) Jakub Zytecki
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) Last Hyena
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) Leprous
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Lost in the Riots
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) Mike Dawes
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Our Hollow Our Home
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) P.U.L.S.E
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Palm Reader
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Phoxjaw
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Plini
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Poly-Math
Sun 31st, Stage One(C) Port Noir
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) Press to Meco
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) Sertraline
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Shokran
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Siamese
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Soen
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Temples on Mars
Fri 29th, Stage One(C) Ten56
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) The City Is Ours
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) Tiberius
Sat 30th, Stage One(C) Time, The Valuator
Fri 29th, Stage Two(C) Viriditas
Sun 31st, Stage Two(C) Wavey
Sat 30th, Stage Two(C) You Win Again Gravity

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Radar Festival 2022
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Radar Festival 2022
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