Fearless Vampire Killers co-singer Kier Kemp discusses Havoc Fest

Havoc Fest 2015 interview

published: Fri 17th Jul 2015

Fearless Vampire Killers

Sunday 9th August 2015
Boston Music Rooms & The Dome, Tufnell Park, Camden, Greater London, N19 5QQ, England MAP
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eFestivals caught up with Fearless Vampire Killers co-singer Kier Kemp to discuss their upcoming project- Havoc Festival.

In your own words describe Fearless Vampire Killers sound?

We mix modern rock arrangement with a slightly more classic style of melodic song writing. We love a riff and a melody but try to keep things interesting. It's a tough one!

When Fearless Vampire Killers formed, they were given a lot of positive media attention, you were included in Kerrang's 2011 list of 10 Best Unsigned Bands in Britain. Do these accolades put more pressure on the band members when recording new material?

Yes and no. I think we'd put pressure on ourselves regardless as we're always striving to be better. However of course that kind of attention can make you aware that you're not just in your bedroom any more!

In 2012 you played Download Festival twice (one electric set and one acoustic set), and again in 2015. Do you prefer playing the acoustic or full on electric set?

I much prefer doing electric. However our songs lend themselves well to an acoustic sound as that's how they're all written in the first instance. We like to challenge people's perception of what we are, so doing acoustic is a nice change.

What are the main differences between playing live at a festival and playing your own gig?

A festival is largely dictated by that assumption that lots of people there may not know who you are. We keep this in mind when building our setlist and try to think how we want to present ourselves to that new audience.

You recently undertook your own UK tour earlier this year, did you feel that all of the hard work that you had put into being a support band for bands such as Black Veil Brides prepared you for your own tour? Was there anything that you weren't prepared for whilst on your own headlining tour?

We've headlined a few times so I felt like we were well seasoned. Touring the UK at that level is a piece of cake after doing the US. That place is BIG!

Leading on from your own headlining tour and festival appearances, you have decided to launch a new festival called Havoc Festival, tell us a little more about this:-

It just came to us as we were thinking of ways that we could change things up this summer. I think it's good to give back to the scene in any way that you can. Help nurture other bands and build friendships that will hopefully help the headliners of the future exist.

Have you personally decided who plays at this festival, or are you merely Havoc Festivals spokesperson?

We have personally done nearly everything. Live Nation have been kind enough to promote it also. So it's good to have the support of an experienced company!

If you are in charge of selecting bands for Havoc Festival, what would be your dream list of bands be? (Don't say the ones you have already selected).

Green Day, A7X, Paramore and Creeper. They're a new band but they're brilliant.

If this is your idea, would it be fair to say that it is rather egotistical to design a festival and headline it yourselves?

We wanted someone else to headline but they're all too bloody expensive! We on the other hand don't need to pay ourselves much. We're also fucking brilliant.

If a music fan could only afford to go to one festival, why should they consider Havoc Festival?

Because I have impeccable music taste and you WILL find a new favourite band by the end of the day.

What are the long term plans for Havoc Festival?

We're just going to see how it goes this year and if it all comes off it will go onto bigger and better things. No solid plans yet however.

Do you have any new material due out this year?

Ohhhhh yes mate. Lots. Starting very very soon!

Thank you for taking time out to speak to us. We hope Havoc Festival is an absolute success.

Fearless Vampire Killers present Havoc Fest will take place on Saturday 9th August 2015 at Boston Music Rooms & The Dome, Tufnell Park, in London.

Fearless Vampire Killers, will be joined by Glamour Of The Kill, Forever Never, Zoax, Villains, Hindsights, and Myth City.

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Tickets are priced at £14 plus booking fees.

This event is a 14 plus event with an adult.

interview by: Luke Seagrave

Sunday 9th August 2015
Boston Music Rooms & The Dome, Tufnell Park, Camden, Greater London, N19 5QQ, England MAP
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