Marley Green Music Festival 2011

Marley Green Music Festival 2011

Saturday 9th July to Thursday 9th June 2011
Platts Field Park, Manchester, England MAP
Daily capacity: 15,000
Last updated: Wed 6th Jul 2011

Marley Green Music Festival will take place at Platts Field Park, Manchester on Saturday 9th July 2011.


Luciano, Pinchers, Admiral Tibett, Brigadeer Jerry, Mafia Fluxy, Admiral Tibbett Nicole Jackson Megan Wayne, G2 the Q, Kash-baa, Faithful, Jerry Fabulous, Bad Ras, Kuntri Rank, City Culture, Adele Harley, Basil Otis and the Mistic, Zebbie Lion, Brandish, Kushi, Anthony Blissett, Sasha Silk, Singing Meguel, Sharizelle, and Ras Iban Busrock.


Tickets are priced at £25 for adults and those over the age of 16 years. To buy tickets, click here.

More information will be here when available.

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