Amplitude Festival - CANCELLED 2011

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2011
Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research, Oxfordshire, OX10 6AN, England MAP
£60 for a weekend ticket with camping, £30 for a day ticket
Daily capacity: 500
Last updated: Wed 25th May 2011

A statement say:

I regret to announce, that it is no longer possible for the event to go on.

I have fought for just over two and a half months now to convince Braziers Park, the venue, to carry on with the event. It has been a continuous struggle supplying catch 22 information and requirements before they will give me absolute permission after taking my booking over 6 months ago. They have refused me, yourselves and every potential and current customer for unfair reasons making it impossible to safely proceed with the bookings of the event which may ultimately be cancelled at a later stage anyway. I have supplied every reassurance I can, provided the requested documents relating to insurances and security, answered all their queries and concerns, but they still move the posts and I no longer have the time, due to exams, to pursue the venue at this stage.

Amplitude Festival is aimed at students and will take place in Braziers Park, in Oxfordshire from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th August 2011. The event is billed as "something that students can look forward to at the end of the long tedious tunnel of education and exams".


Main Stage: Underground Heroes, The Drop, The Vices, Sarah Tonin, Suburban Star, 33 Revolutions, Loudaphone, River Nelson, Boldly Goin Nowhere, Calm Down Caesar, Jammin Dodgers, We Caught the Castle.
Sponsored Stage: Lucy T, Streetfight Silence, Alcove State, Last One Standing, Dog Section, Two Story Smoker, Abi Maquater, Trailing Wake, Bless The Hour, Aver, That Darn Sasquatch, Bury The Ladybird.

Main Stage: Sonic Boom Six, Temple Hedz, Elaenor and The Lost, Riot:Noise, Coopers Rage, The Scholars, Mortdelamer, So Am I, Diving In Duckponds, Rise Above, The Flix, Lost At Sea, Kinky Boot Beasts, Charva.
Sponsored Stage: The Black Tears, Stay Seventeen, Mug, Johnny Black, Skies Of Deceit, The Breakaway, Hostillian, Escape Avenue, A Different Perspective, HotLight Fiesta, Disposable Heroes.

Main Stage: SPECIAL GUESTS, Adam Barnes, The Quotes, Willie & The Bandits, Gaz Brookfield, The Lucky 27s, Shoot For The King, The Suspectors, Tricylce Riot, The Alex Beharell Band, Trio Spongo, Cook and The Case.
Sponsored Stage: Sillohette Showgirls, Full Circle, Amberline, Drop Vinyl, James Creed, Borderline Fire,Cry Raphael,Alex Brown, Goldie Reed, and Midnight Playground.

As well as live music, there's food, drink, camping, a community fire and a dance tent.


Tickets are available priced at £60 for a weekend ticket with camping, or £30 for a day ticket which does not include camping.

More information will be here when available.

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