Grassroots Festival 2008

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th September 2008
The Plough, Milk and Water Drove, Ramsey Road, Farcet Fen, Peterborough, UK MAP
early bird: £30. Children 10-15 £15 , under 10s go free
last updated: Tue 15th Jul 2008

This 3 day alternative music & arts festival will include the following main areas:

From hip-hop to ska to folk to rock to indie to....... who knows? Line-up includes:
Zubzub, Tarantism, Subsource, Joe Driscoll, Lazy Habits, Opaque, Los Tropicales, Keltrix, Point of Origin, The Richard Hall Band, Blue Mary Jane, The Winter Kings, Columbian Necktie, The Gangsters, Lunatic Crash, Point Seven Pistol, Double Handsome Dragons, Mr Zed, The Sunlight Factory, James Warner Prophecies, Angry Man, Wayne McArthur & the Universal Players Band, and Bijoumiyo & Lingua Franca.

A calm, relaxed but elegant and theatrical space with wonderful décor/surroundings, beautiful visuals and amazing original music to suite everyone's tastes. Line-up includes:
MC Xander, Rebecca Clamp, Soy Un Caballo, Peter Conway, Moony, Vince Freeman, Nurture the Flame, FreePeace, Andy Whittle, Rob the Rob (Sunday Sounds Crew), Stuart O’Connor, Dan Raza, James Chadwick, John Litchfield, Pip N Phil, Mark Roberts, Kerry Devine, Alfie & Kimmy, Julian Stone, Gren Bartley, Karmadillo, Charlie Alexander, Tres Cojones, Bex, Jez Hall, Sam Kirk, Gwildor, Richard Hall, Phil King, Jules, Magnificent Revolution, Palava, Cornelius, Joseph Watkin, and The Hooleys.

THE PLAY PEN (Dance Stage)
Many flavours and styles will be on offer over the weekend including psy-trance, breaks, house, electro, techno, drum & bass and breakcore. Line-up includes:
Tron (live), Far Too Loud, Erb n Dub (Urban Takeover/Finn People/Urbanism/Back to Basics), Cai (live) (Primitive Records), Hedflux (Sinister Recs/Breakin Even), Organismic (live), Phono Brothers (Raindance/Dig Deep), WOEF (Indigo Children/Newfoundland Festival), Han (Teethout), Shaggy (Psy-Breakdown), DJ Urb (World Record Breaker/System Abuse), Enwyn (Kill Electro Kill), Revolution-Arry, TDM (Dreadnought recs/Hertz), Selecta (Dreadnought recs/Audio Breakdown), Komplex (Foundation/Hertz/Hijack), Bidbod (Sin-Thesis/Playskool), Luvlea (Tripycyty) psy-trance, Local (Playskool), Instinct (Psy-Breakdown), Danz Music Terraizt (live) (BOP Productions), Magic Lamp (live) (Playskool/Glo-bug), Kendo (Sin-Thesis/Playskool), Shaggy (Psy-Breakdown/Playskool), Local (Playskool), Surj (Bish Bash Bosh), Manga, DJ Skyway (Club Bad), Yeti (Mug the Goat), and Aesthetix.

THE CIRCUIT TREE (Alternative Dance/Chillout)
A wonderful wild mix of musical madness & beauty, from spaced out sounds, blissed out ambient, techno, dub, brakcore & tech-house. Line-up includes:
FRIDAY: (visuals by VJ Gumbo)
Day Glow Joe (Glass Onion/Grassroots), 3dm, Stuart Lowman (Outlet Collective London), Droids, Mindtours, The Fez, and KEY (live).
SATURDAY: (visuals by Lukus)
Abid (Dub), The Emo Hunter, Broca, OSKM (live), Local (Tech live), Micromattic (Tech house), Sam Greenwood (Tech house), Arthur Barr (Tech house), Soundhacker (Electronica, live), Screenager (Breakcore), Le jockey (Tech live), Jim Masters (Techno), and ITAL TEk (live).
Asthetix (Dub breakfast), Tim diagram (Electronica), Sleepwalker (Dub), Lukus (Deep roots), Peddlebreaker (Breaks), Loki23 (Summer techno), Stuart Lowman (Techno/Electro), Hazel (Techno), Sys-Ex (Techno Live), and Static Noise (Techno live).

IRIE STYLIE (Acoustic/Poetry/Spoken Word/Food)
A magical solar powered stage hosting acoustic artists, bands plus spoken word and poetry. The line-up includes The FreakyFest Show, Attila the Stockbroker, Rachel Pantechnicon?, Pint of Poetry and dash of Drama, Nick Boldock, Locality, Sophie Burrows, Yanny Mac, and The Librarian Girls. The tent will also be providing a wide range of delicious vegan and vegetarian foods.

THE DRAWING ROOM (Open Mic/Piano/Acoustic)
This Victorian designed marque holds a unique presence with a variety of Jazz sessions, jam sessions, acoustic performances, ‘the jazz hour’ and so much more...

A fun filled creation station, providing a safe space for all future Davinchi's. Children, parents & adults alike can get involved in arts, crafts & workshops. Come & Play!

BREATHE EASY (Healing Area + Workshops)
Sound Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Massage & Mantra Therapy.

Tickets are on sale, priced at £30 before 30th July, then £40 in advance or £45 on the door. Children under 10 are FREE, children aged 10-15 are half price and children 16 and over pay full price. To buy tickets click here.

There will be a collection of stalls selling a variety of fair-trade clothing, jewellery and bric a brac and a wide variety of organic, vegetarian, vegan and fair-trade food and drinks.

More information will be here when available.

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th September 2008
The Plough, Milk and Water Drove, Ramsey Road, Farcet Fen, Peterborough, UK MAP
early bird: £30. Children 10-15 £15 , under 10s go free
last updated: Tue 15th Jul 2008

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Grassroots Festival 2008
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