Second Glance Festival 2006

Thursday 20th April to Thursday 18th May 2006
Bolivar Hall, Embassy of Venezuela, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL, UK MAP
Last updated: Wed 5th Apr 2006

Second Glance is a Festival of second performances of new music. It takes place over four Thursdays in April (20th & 28th) and May 2006 (11th & 18th) at Bolivar Hall in Central London. Composers will be in attendance and performances will be given by The Chamber Music Company and the Carducci String Quartet.

Many works never get beyond the excitement of the premiere. Devised by CMC’s artistic director Mark Troop, Second Glance gives commissioned works the second performance they deserve. Second Glance is a showcase for new work, enabling it to become repertoire that will be heard again and again. It is being offered to promoters round the country and overseas.

For this, the first Second Glance Festival, composers represented will be David Matthews; John Woolrich; Stephen McNeff; Tom Ingoldsby; Adrian Williams; John Casken,; Colin Matthews; Edward McGuire; Zhou Long (China); Osvaldo Golijov (Argentina); Paul Desenne (Venezuela).

The Festival features quintets by David Matthews and Steve McNeff, clarinet works by Tom Ingoldsby and Eddie McGuire and in celebration of his 50th birthday, Adrian Williams’ Chamber Concerto for 11 players. There are seven London premieres, three UK premieres and ironically, one world premiere.

All concerts will take place at Bolivar Hall, Embassy of Venezuela, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL. More information to follow.

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Second Glance Festival 2006
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