Cambridge Fringe Festival 2006

Friday 21st July to Sunday 6th August 2006
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK MAP
Varies depending on event
Last updated: Wed 14th Jun 2006

Cambridge Fringe Festival is held from July 21st to July 30th 2006. The festival is designed to promote new artists and put on a diverse range of events. The organisers are hoping that promoters, venues, performers, actors, and musicians can come together in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

This year the festival will present over 200 events across more than 80 venues over 17 days. The festival will host events that have a significant cultural impact at local, national and international level for artists, audiences and the general public.

The festival is also keen to promote new acts and encourage both audiences to take a chance, experience new and different acts, and participate themselves. Prices will vary depending on event but some of the street theatres will be free.

There will be more information here when available.

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Cambridge Fringe Festival 2006
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last updated: Wed 14th Jun 2006