Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2019 Line-up And Rumours

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Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July 2019
Glynde Place, Glyne, East Sussex, BN8 6SX, England MAP
currently £159 for the three days with camping
Daily capacity: 15,000
Last updated: Fri 14th Jun 2019

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sun 7th, The Arena(C) 30/70
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Acroyoga
Fri 5th, The Arena(C) Adrien Brandeis
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Afrobeats Azonto Dance Workshop
Fri 5th, Bandstand(C) Alex Curtis 'Sonic Brew'
Fri 5th, Blue In Green(C) Alexander Nut
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) Alicia Olatuja
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Amy True
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Archetype Dance Company
Sat 6th, Blue In Green(C) Auntie Flo
Sun 7th, Bandstand(C) Bryony Jarman-Pinto
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Cabaret Revue
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Capoeira Angola
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) Caravan Palace
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Celeste
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Charlotte Dos Santos
Sat 6th, Big Top(C) Chick Corea
Sun 7th, Jazz In The Round (C) Chiminyo
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Chip Wickham
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Christian Sands Trio
Sun 7th, Bandstand(C) Clandestino
Fri 5th, Jazz In The Round (C) Cykada
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Dan-I & Sia
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Duncan Eagles
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Fieh
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Floor Rippers
Sat 6th, Main Stage(C) Gladys Knight
Fri 5th, Big Top(C) Gogo Penguin
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Greg Wilson
Fri 5th, Bandstand(C) Hey Buddy
Sun 7th, Main Stage(C) Jamie Cullum
Sat 6th, Main Stage(C) Jimmy Cliff
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Joe Armon-Jones
Sat 6th, Big Top(C) Judi Jackson
Sat 6th, Big Top(C) Julian Siegel Quartet
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) Kamaal Williams
Fri 5th, The Arena(C) Kongo Dia Ntotlia
Sun 7th, Main Stage(C) Lauryn Hill
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Linton Kwesi Johnson
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Live Hypnotism Show: Play Jazz
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) London Tap Jam
Fri 5th, Bandstand(C) Lost Organ Unit
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Louie Vega (DJ set)
Fri 5th, Big Top(C) Lucy Lu
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) Madeleine Peyroux
Sun 7th, Main Stage(C) Mahalia
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Maisha
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Makaya McCraven
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Marcus Joseph + Major Ruse
Sun 7th, Main Stage(C) Marisha Wallace
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Mark Kavuma
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) Marquis Hill Blacktet
Fri 5th, Blue In Green(C) Mr Bongo
Sun 7th, Jazz In The Round (C) Nick Walters Quintet
Sun 7th, Bandstand(C) North Ark
Fri 5th, The Arena(C) Patchwork Orchestra
Fri 5th, Blue In Green(C) Patterns Residents
Sun 7th, Jazz In The Round (C) Pyjaen
Sat 6th, Bandstand(C) Quinn Oulton
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Reggae Aerobics
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Reggae Aerobics
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Roger Robinson
Fri 5th, Jazz In The Round (C) Rosie Turton
Fri 5th, Blue In Green(C) Ruf Dug
Fri 5th, Bandstand(C) Sam Carelse
Fri 5th, Big Top(C) Sampa The Great
Sun 7th, Big Top(C) SEED Ensemble
Fri 5th, Bands & Voices(C) Shunaji
Fri 5th, Blue In Green(C) Shy One
Sat 6th, Big Top(C) Snarky Puppy
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Snazzback feat. Solomon O.B
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Steam Down
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Steam Down
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) Street Dance Workshop
Sat 6th, Bands & Voices(C) Swing Patrol Lessons
Sat 6th, Main Stage(C) Tank & the Bangas
Sat 6th, Blue In Green(C) Tash LC
Sun 7th, The Arena(C) Tenderlonious
Fri 5th, Bands & Voices(C) Tenesha The Wordsmith
Sun 7th, Bandstand(C) Teotima
Sun 7th, Main Stage(C) The Brand New Heavies
Sat 6th, Main Stage(C) The Cinematic Orchestra
Fri 5th, Bands & Voices(C) The F Word Presents Lava La Rue
Sun 7th, Bands & Voices(C) The Love Supreme Jazz Chorus
Sat 6th, Bandstand(C) The Mingus Underground
Sat 6th, Main Stage(C) The Teskey Brothers
Sat 6th, The Arena(C) Theon Cross
Sat 6th, Big Top(C) Tim Garland Group
Sat 6th, Bandstand(C) Xhosa Cole Quartet
Fri 5th, The Arena(C) Yakul
Sat 6th, Bandstand(C) Zenel

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