The Gentlemen of the Road Stopover

last updated: Mon 12th Dec 2016

Started in 2012 The Gentlemen of the Road Stopover are events hosts by musicians Mumford & Sons. They started as a series of one-day, outdoor events in the UK show before the band took it globally in 2013 as 2 day events. Headlined by Mumford & Sons the events feature full bills of support acts curated by the band themselves.

Mumford and Sons said, "'The Gentlemen of the Road Stopover is based loosely upon our favourite festivals like Colorado's Telluride Bluegrass and Scotland's Loopallu Festivals. We want to stop off in towns not usually heavily toured by bands, and celebrate the people, food and music that inhabit them."

All of the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover shows will heavily involve the local communities, from the produce sold on the sites, to engaging visitors with the towns as a whole.

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