Bryan Adams - Forest Live 2024

Forest Live Bryan Adams

buy tickets now > Sunday 16th June to Sunday 21st July 2024
Thetford Forest, near Brandon, Suffolk, England
Tickets are on sale at £69.75
Last updated: Fri 15th Dec 2023

Canadian Rock legend Bryan Adams has been confirmed for three shows at Forest Live 2024.

He will play Delamere Forest on Sunday the 16th of June, Thetford Forest on the 20th of June and Dalby Forest on Friday the 21st of June.


buy tickets now >

Tickets at £69.75 with The Globe VIP tickets at £157.60 each

Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission is committed to taking woodlands to new audiences and making them relevant to people in new ways. The forest tour is self-sustaining, paying for itself, and any profit generated goes back into improving woodlands for both wildlife and the public to enjoy.

Disabled users

There is a disabled parking at every site and they all have a wheelchair platform although the nice thing is because of the arena's design wheelchair users often spend the time with their group as there is plenty of space and it is flat. There is a hotline number to call for further information: 01842 814612.


Forestry Commission Live Music takes place each summer in seven forest locations around the country. Woodland clearings are temporarily transformed into a concert arena creating a safe and relaxed atmosphere for gig-goers.

More information will be here when available.

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