Festival Internacional de Benicassim

last updated: Tue 10th Jul 2018

Festival Internacional de Benicassim is Spain's major festival, which many people from the UK attend.

Benicassim Top Tips...

  • Pack light! You'll have some long walks ahead of you with that rucksack and in searingly hot weather, so make sure you can carry your stuff comfortably. Ditch the jumpers and the sleeping bag - you won't need them.
  • Book your transport! We heard of many people who missed flights home as they had not thought to book trains back to Barcalona or Alicante ahead of the festival. These get booked up fast, so contact www.renfe.es or www.spanish-rail.co.uk or call the British office on 020 7224 0345 for more info.
  • Take a mallet! The hot weather makes the ground super-hard, so you'll need one of these to get your tent pegs in the ground.
  • Take an airbed or lilo! Super hard ground with a seemingly endless supply of little hard things to lie on made me very grateful for mine. Friends who didn't bring one regretted it and fast.
  • Pack some shade! If you can, take a tarpaulin and some string to hang it over your encampment with. Trust me, you'll be very glad you did.
  • Pack earplugs and eye mask! Remember this is a VERY late night festival by UK standards with final performers finishing at around 7am most nights, so don't be surprised if people are still partying hard into the wee hours. If you know you're going to want to sleep while others are still playing, don't moan and whinge at your fellow campers, they have as much right to enjoy themselves as you do to sleep, so can your whining and pack some ear plugs for the noise and an eye mask for the sun in the morning.
  • Get Off The Campsite! It's surely the hottest place in Benicassim during the day, so don't hang around the site, buy a beach umbrella and get down to the beach where it's cooler. If you need extra shade, try the park on the beach next to the castle behind the stage.
  • Walk To The Festival, Don't Queue For The Bus! The queue for the bus was easily longer than it took to walk every time we went to the arena or wanted to come back. Save yourself some time and just walk. It took about 20-30mins and was safe, busy and hassle-free.
  • Plan Ahead! If you are wanting to use the festival bus to get back to Valencia airport after the festival, make sure you leave yourself enough time to queue to get on the bus as queues for this service were enormous and I'm sure many people missed their flights waiting to get to the airport.

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