Truck Festival 2011 line-up and rumours

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July 2011
Hill Farm, Steventon, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6SW, England MAP
£99 for a weekend ticket
daily capacity: 8000
last updated: Tue 12th Jul 2011

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) Admiral Fallow
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Alessi's Ark
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Alex Clissold-Jones
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Alphabet Backwards
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Angela Barnes
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Angie Walters
Sun 24th, stage(C) Atlantic/Pacific
Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) Bellowhead
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Ben Downing
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Ben Walker
Sat 23rd, Wood Stage(C) Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Bleeding Heart Narrative
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Braindead Collective
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Caitlin Rose
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Cashier no 9
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Chad Valley
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Charly Coombes
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Charris & B ill
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Cherry Ghost
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Chris Turner
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Clive Watkins
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Colorama
Fri 22nd, Wood Stage(C) Consortium 5
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Cubiq
Sun 24th, Wood Stage(C) Dana & Susan Robinson
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) dB Band
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Dead Jerichos
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Dean Wareham
Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) Deer Park
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Dive Dive
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) DJ Jay B
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Dreaming Spires
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Drunken Uncle Bungle
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Dub Politics
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Durrty Goodz
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Ed Steele
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Ed Steele & Kostas G
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Edwyn Collins
Sun 24th, stage(C) Electric Soft Parade
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Faceometer
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Fixers
Sun 24th, Wood Stage(C) Fran Smith
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Fresh Out The Box DJs
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Fresh Out The Box DJs
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Funk Face
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Gabriel Minnikin
Fri 22nd, Wood Stage(C) Gabriel Prokofiev
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Gaggle
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) George Chopping
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Get Your Geek On
Sun 24th, stage(C) Goodtimes Goodtimes
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Graham Coxon
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Gruff Rhys
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Gunning For Tamar
Sat 23rd, Wood Stage(C) Heidi Talbot
Fri 22nd, Wood Stage(C) Holton's Opulent Oog
Sun 24th, stage(C) Islet
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) James Bell
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) James Walbourne
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) James Weston
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) John Grant
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Johnny Flynn
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Jonquil
Fri 22nd, Wood Stage(C) Juice Vocal Ensemble
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Justin Robertson
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Justin Townes Earle
Sat 23rd, Wood Stage(C) Kris Drever
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Lanterns on the Lake
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Liam Finn
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Listing Ships
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Little Fish
Sat 23rd, Wood Stage(C) Luke Smith
Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) Marcus Foster
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Mark Niel
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Marques Toliver
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Mat Gibson
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Matt Chanerin
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Matt Richardson
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Matt Winkworth
Sun 24th, stage(C) Maybeshewill
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Mechanical Bride
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Michele Stodart
Sun 24th, stage(C) Mitchell Museum
Sat 23rd, Wood Stage(C) Monument Valley
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Mr Shaodow
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Nathaniel Rateliff
Sat 23rd, stage(C) ODC Drumline with Coloureds
day TBC, The Long Insiders Cabaret A-Go-Go(C) One Fathom Down
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Paddy Luscombe
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Paul Williams
Fri 22nd, Clash Stage(C) Peggy Sue
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Pet Moon
Sun 24th, stage(C) Pete And The Pirates
Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) Pete Molinari
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(TBC) Pete The Temp
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Philip Selway
Sun 24th, Wood Stage(C) Pilgrims Way
Sun 24th, Wood Stage(C) Rachael Dadd
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Rachel Parris
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Rhosyn
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Richard Herring
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Richard Norris
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Richmond Fontaine
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) Robin Lawley
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Roddy Woomble
day TBC, Comedy Stage(C) Rory O'Keefe
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Scott Parker
Fri 22nd, Boxford(C) Scott Parker
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Scott Parker
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Sea of Bees
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Sealings
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Si Roche
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Si Yeats & Kostas G
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Simone Felice
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Solid Gold Dragons
Sat 23rd, Boxford(TBC) SPECIAL GUEST
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) Spring Offensive
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) St Etienne
Sat 23rd, stage(C) The Cellar Family
Fri 22nd, Truck Stage(C) The Duke & The King
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) The Geees
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) The Go! Team
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) The Long Insiders
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) The Neon Violets
day TBC, The Long Insiders Cabaret A-Go-Go(C) The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
day TBC, Cabaret Clandestino(C) The Oxford Imps
Fri 22nd, BBC Introducing stage(C) The Rock Of Travolta
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) The Rockingbirds
day TBC, The Long Insiders Cabaret A-Go-Go(C) The Severed Limb
Sat 23rd, Boxford(C) Toby Kidd
Sun 24th, Clash Stage(C) Treefight for Sunlight
Sat 23rd, Clash Stage(C) Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou
Sun 24th, stage(C) Tribes
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Trophy Wife
Sun 24th, Truck Stage(C) Tunng
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Two Fingers of Firewater
Sun 24th, Boxford(C) Wakey!Wakey!
Fri 22nd, Wood Stage(C) Water Pageant
Sat 23rd, stage(C) Wild Swim
Sat 23rd, Truck Stage(C) Young Knives

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