Beardy Folk Festival 2020 reschedules for September

published: Mon 30th Mar 2020


Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th September 2020
Hopton Court, Hopton Waters, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, DY14 0EF, England MAP
currently £125 for the weekend (sold out)
daily capacity: 1000
last updated: Mon 24th Aug 2020

Beardy Folk Festival which takes place in the grounds of Hopton Court, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire and was due to happen from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June 2020 has postponed and rescheduled for new dates of 17th-20th September 2020.

The organiser's statement says:- 

"In such uncertain times we need some much needed light at the end of the tunnel. An unforgettable party to look forward to. You're not going to want to miss it folks!

We're a very small team here of full time event organisers who have a duty to protect our young company, our growing festivals, our loyal followers and of course our artists, caterers, traders, sub contractors, staff and volunteers etc. It's heartbreaking speaking to everyone effected by this current situation but we all need to stay strong and look to the future.

With that in mind, we've been working tirelessly over the last few days to reschedule a new date for

Beardy Folk Festival 2020. We're working hard to bring you the same line up with one or two enforced changes (they will be announced ASAP and as good as our original choices!) Our original venue and contractors are now in place and we're all ready to see you in September!

Rescheduled - Beardy Folk Festival
17th to 20th September 2020
Hopton Court
South Shropshire

We can only go ahead with YOUR SUPPORT 

BONUS! For 2020 only, we've decided to move our much smaller Orbit Fitness, Running & Yoga Festival which normally follows Beardy Folk Festival to the same weekend, meaning you now have even more to experience for FREE! Yes, your ticket now includes Beardy Folk Festival 2020 AND Orbit Fitness, Running & Yoga Festival 2020. The festival layout and programme remains exactly the same as previous years with some new activities to see and do around the festival site including various trail runs, fitness workouts, yoga sessions, meditations and inspirational talks throughout the weekend.

We've recently seen too many negative comments on other festivals social media and this really has to stop.

Organisers have been put between an enormous rock and a hard place with absolutely no hope of credible ongoing financially support. You are our support and we thank you all. I personally cannot abide any negative comments at this stage and I only want to focus on making Beardy Folk Festival 2020 THE VERY BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!

After careful consideration, we've decided there are 4 FAIR options for our FOLLOWERS. Everyone will receive an email.
1. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. We obviously want to see you all in September, therefore your June tickets are automatically transferred to the new dates. You don't need to contact us if you're able to attend in September. This is obviously our PREFERRED OPTION as without enough support for this we will not be able to continue.
2. We understand you may not be able to make this enforced date change, therefore to avoid unnecessary negativity we would offer you a refund (less booking fees), even though tickets are not normally refundable. You'll all receive an email and you'll have until Friday April 24th to claim any refunds. Refunds will be made by 31st May. For this option you'll need to email Please do consider everyone involved with Beardy Folk Festival before you ask for a refund.
3. You are more than welcome to sell or transfer your tickets to someone else who would like to experience Beardy Folk Festival 2020. We just need the new ticket holders details emailed to
4. For those of you unable to attend in September but would still like to support and maintain the future of Beardy Folk Festival then there is an option of foregoing your ticket refund. All you need to do is follow this link and fill in the form.
Anyone who does this is truly inspirational and will become a lifelong member of the Beardy Folk family. I will thank you personally.​

As Beardy Folk Festival is only 3 years old this year we must do everything possible to preserve our company status and secure our future. After making huge strides in our first two years we're looking forward to staging our very special weekend inside the walled garden at Hopton Court for many years to come. Social media updates will return to normal and we'll only be posting positive vibes from now on.

Once again, I must add no one in the world was prepared for this and therefore we must have sympathy and full support for each other through these difficult times.

See you in September folks!"

Beardy Folk Festival


Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th September 2020
Hopton Court, Hopton Waters, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, DY14 0EF, England MAP
currently £125 for the weekend (sold out)
daily capacity: 1000
last updated: Mon 24th Aug 2020

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