Why Festivals?

published: Thu 28th Nov 2002

The best festivals are much more than the sum of the parts.

Festivals are not the place to see your favourite band ... because of the restrictions imposed, such as time, set length, light shows, etc. - that aren't encountered with a normal gig where the band has more control - the chances are you'll be disappointed - festivals are not worth the money, time or effort just for one band.

The difference with festivals is the variety. Because people at a festival will be watching bands they wouldn't necessarily normally see live, the chance for a band to make that big impression is HUGE; without a doubt the best performances we've seen have been at festivals - but also the worst. Some bands have gained their reputation off the back of a great festival performance - such as Pulp at Glastonbury '95 - while others have truely moved the crowd ... right out of the field (Happy Mondays' Glastonbury 1990)!

So what wins a crowd over? The humility of the band makes a big difference ... we bet you've seen those performers who come on stage to tell you that they're the greatest, and you're best crowd they've ever had ... that's the time to leave! They're gonna suck, and who knows what better things are happening elsewhere?

Another great thing is the atmosphere ... with the eclectic mix of people and music, and everyone totally up for it, and real-world distractions left at home, the vibe can be amazing. After the music stops for the day, the weirdness starts as people make their own entertainment. If you can, camp at the festival - don't go home for the night: the atmosphere will go home with you, and you'll be starting from scratch again the next day.

Whatever festival you go to, whatever your musical tastes ... HAVE A GOOD ONE

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festival information by: Neil Greenway

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