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published: Tue 28th Oct 2008

The Holloways

Thursday 30th October to Thursday 6th November 2008
various venues around Merseyside, England
a combination of ticketed and free events
last updated: Mon 27th Oct 2008

eFestivals took the opportunity to speak to a rather under the weather Alfie Jackson frontman of The Holloways, just before their appearance at London Freeze, about their forthcoming festival appearances at Liverpool Music Week, and Big Reunion.

How did the band get together?
We all met in Holloway in North London, in a pub called Nambucca. We all moved there around the same time, I was looking to form a band, there were a couple of the lads about the place who wanted to do the same thing, and so before we knew it we had a band. We thought, right let's call ourselves 'The Holloways' as it brought us together.

You're playing London Freeze tonight are you looking forward to it?
We are yeah. I'm not too well, I've got a cold, sweats, and a sore throat, but hopefully I'll recover in time.

The Holloways

You've also got two Big Reunion gigs - have you been to a holiday camp before?
Yeah about five times in my youth. We arrive in the evening, play our set and then leave the next morning. Hopefully the rides will be open, if not we'll have to see if we can turn them on.

You're set to play Liverpool music Week with support from Peter And The Wolf, have you heard their stuff?
A while ago yeah, for what I've heard of their stuff I like it, they've played Nambucca like us. It'll be nice to give them another listen.

Have you been to the event before?
No I don't think so. The tour dates at the moment for me have just all blended into one, people ask me what I thought of this gig or that gig, and I just don't remember. I've played Liverpool before but I can't remember too much about it. I do remember trying to do a long jump there into what I thought was soft grass, why I was doing a long jump I don't know. But it wasn't soft and the next day I could hardly walk.

You played a bunch of festivals this year which was your favourite?
Glastonbury we played there three times. The best one was in the Queens Head on the Friday, that was agreat gig. It was absolutely packed a big crowd inside, and it was also packed outside. That was great. We also played the festival last year it's always a good one to play is Glastonbury.

Have you been to a festival as a punter?
Yeah I used to go to Reading, last time Goldie Lookin' Chain opened Reading (2005), what a laugh. Arcade fire played in one of the tents. I really enjoyed it.

Do you get a chance to see other acts?
With taking all the equipment out of the van, setting up, getting ready for the gig and everything I don't get to see much else. I also don't like to watch a band that's playing on the same stage as us. It's just a personal thing. I prefer to go for a quiet walk, compose myself, and get in the zone. That's just something I do.

The Holloways

What other acts have impressed you this year?
Well there's quite a few acts that I like. I recommend Operahouse, Kid Harpoon, Sam McCarthy who used to be in Gilkicker, they were our support act and he's gone solo now. He's great he'll be on tour with us again. They all have that Nambucca sound.

How's work on the new album going?
It's done we finished it last February, we've been itching to get the album out, but our record company got taken over by another record company in the summer. Which has delayed things. It'll be out next February. We've got a couple singles to release first, and then it'll finally be released. I've been doing loads of new stuff, I've been doing demos at home, I've got enough for about another four albums.

When will hear your new material. Do you play it live, despite the fact the album isn't out, or do you hold off on it?
We're always playing it live, we're conscious of the fact the record hasn't come out, so there's some tracks we want to keep under wraps for that, but there's other new stuff. Some of the new stuff has been on MySpace, and there's some brand new stuff we're playing too. The crowd always seem to be able to sing along. What's really weird is when they sing along to tunes we've never played before or ever recorded. That's psychic singing.

What's the best live tune in your arsenal?
'Fuck Ups' always gets a good response the crowd goes absolutely mental to that one, jumping around and smiles on their faces. 'Happiness And Pennyless' always seems to get everyone going as well, because it has the little slow down bit at the end, and then it builds back up again. Everyone gets into that, it's a lot of fun.

The Holloways will be performing at MTV Liverpool Music Week, which starts tomorrow, at a free event with Peter and the Wolf on Tuesday 4th November at the Alma de Cuba in Liverpool. For more information on Liverpool Music Week, click here. For more on The Big Reunion click here.

The Holloways

interview by: Scott Williams

Thursday 30th October to Thursday 6th November 2008
various venues around Merseyside, England
a combination of ticketed and free events
last updated: Mon 27th Oct 2008

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