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Wire Daisies

published: Mon 3rd Jul 2006

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th July 2006
Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey., England MAP
£85 for w/e, £95 with camping; days £40; under-16s £50, or £60 with camping, £25 any day.
last updated: Tue 27th Jun 2006

eFestivals caught up with Treana Morris, the lead singer of Wire Daisies, before their performance at this summers Guilfest.

Despite Wire Daisies coming from the relatively remote Cornwall, they seem to be doing quite well at establishing a foot hold on the UK music scene. For starters, it’s not every band that gets the opportunity to support Robbie Williams.

Treana was surprisingly sanguine about her Cornish roots, somewhere I’ve been told before is hard to break through from. When quizzed about whether it was hard to make a name for yourself in somewhere as isolated as Cornwall she said “Lots of people say that but its actually quite a happening place- I think it is out of the way, but I think its becoming known.”

Treana mentioned that the music scene in Cornwall was comprised of a fairly close knit community. Wire Daisies know Haven well, and have played with Thirteen Senses before; it’s very much a “close knit environment where everyone knows one another.”

The band are currently recording their new album in Cornwall, they had just completed setting up their recording studio and had just finished laying out three backing tracks for the new album, due out in September. Treana almost sounded relieved to be recording new material and moving away from their first album, she commented, “We’re pleased to be moving on and recording new stuff.” On board to help produce the album was John Cornfield, who has previously worked with Supergrass, Muse and Razorlight to name a few.

When asked if they prefer playing outdoor shows or indoor ones Treana didn’t hesitate to say outdoor. Not only is their music perfectly suited to a sunny afternoon slot at a festival but the band love playing in that type of slot as well. “We played Wychwood a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful, the crowd were brilliant. It had a lovely vibe, it wasn't cramped and there weren’t too many people.”

Wire Daisies are taking a break from recording their new album and will be playing at this year’s Guilfest. When asked who they were most looking forward to seeing Treana summed up the point of festivals “The best thing about festivals is just that you can wander around and catch whoever is on stage, they can be bands that you wouldn’t normally have seen.”

Wire Daisies are no stranger to playing big crowds and were invited to support Robbie Williams on his recent tour of South Africa. It was a major step up for them, Treana describing the shock of the whole thing as “You know when you’re a kid you think you’ll get the chance to play to 70,000 people and then as you get older you start to think it’ll never happen?”. She also mentioned she was remarkably unfazed about playing in front of such a large audience “You know what - I was probably more worried than anybody else but I think we all felt more relaxed performing in front of those crowds than we normally do at our own gigs”.

You would expect Robbie William’s fans to have little interest in a band that combines both originality and ability but Treana said the fans were extremely accepting and that the response they got was “brilliant, absolutely brilliant”.

The band seem to have grown from the experience too, Treanna said “I think you learn a lot from that, not just performance wise but how these things are put together and what happens behind the scenes.”

Wire Daises have plans for an upcoming tour around the release of the new album. It will be there first major UK tour, and there may even be some more dates supporting Robbie on the cards...

The Wire Daisies are playing at Guilfest on Friday 14th July. For full details of Guilfest's line up click here.
interview by: Scott Johnson

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th July 2006
Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey., England MAP
£85 for w/e, £95 with camping; days £40; under-16s £50, or £60 with camping, £25 any day.
last updated: Tue 27th Jun 2006

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