What is Fairport's Cropredy Convention?


published: Fri 19th Sep 2014

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Cropredy is an annual well loved Fairport Convention reunion, that takes place near Banbury in Oxfordshire. Originally a one-day event, by the 1990s Cropredy was attracting 10,000+ fans for two days.

Since the year 2000, it has been a three-day festival with a capacity of 20,000. The festival arena is primarily a one stage affair, although it's worth exploring the canalside and the village to experience the fringe festival.

The acts booked on the main stage are all of good quality which is why you'll find the regulars running through the gates when they open to put their chairs down in the best position they can.

There's a big flat bit for the stage and for the people in front to dance on, then there is just the right amount of slope for the sitting-down people further back to be able to see.  Cropredy is a festival where it's eminently possible to just sit there and soak it up. There's only one stage on the site, and the bar and food stalls are all within earshot, so you're never going to miss anything if you stay put in the field, and laze the day away with a beer and some music.

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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