published: Fri 19th Sep 2014

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Cropredy has been in existence for sometime, and has one great advantage to many other festivals, you can camp next to your car. This means that you can happily drive into either of the two main camping areas, with everything you'll need for the weekend, and not worry about having to carry it all miles.

The other big thing about Cropredy is that it allows dogs. So people bring them, they're invariably well behaved, appear untroubled by the noise but can get tired, and a little confused walking back to the tent in the dark, so we advise getting them home before nightfall.

There are also a lot of families about so there are often kids so if you're unused to them waking up early take earplugs. The campsite folk do tend to stay up late chatting quietly under their gazebos, so if you're the friendly type you may find yourself up to the wee hours each night.

We do recommend making friends with your neighbours, whilst the campsites are well patrolled it always make sense to have those around, and you looking out for each other.

You are welcome to make quite an extensive camping area, but please respect your neighbours and no loud soundsystems. There are loos, taps and showers in each field.

If you are camped in the fields across the canal from the main stage, you will need to cross at the central bridge, at busy times this means you will have to queue with the throng, organisers keep this area well lit, do be patient it's a very narrow bridge.

The large number of motorhomes and campervans in the camping fields and many narrowboats moored along the canal testify to the mature demographic here. There are generations of families represented and also eras from spaced out 60s acid casualties to lively alcopopped teenagers. Cropredy seems less of a Folk Festival and more of a Festival of Folks.

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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