Leftfield, and Tiesto round off the final night of Creamfields 2010

Creamfields 2010 review

By Shelley Hanvey | Published: Wed 1st Sep 2010


Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th August 2010
Daresbury Estate, Halton, Cheshire, WA4 4AR, England MAP
weekend tickets £110 - SOLD OUT, only Sunday £55 available
Daily capacity: 40,000
Last updated: Mon 16th Aug 2010

Sunday was every bit as enjoyable as Saturday I am pleased to say, albeit with the added inconvenience of a waterlogged site in some parts. The main congregational areas were fine though and the weather simply didn't dampen the spirits of the Creamfields massive, who were once again out in force with their Vanity Van's quaffs and slinky garments... the girls looked lovely too.

around the festival site (Vanity Van)
My sister and I thought it rude not to join the crowd at the Vanity Van and took the opportunity to take up that rescheduled hair styling appointment and were we glad that we did! It was an experience to have your hair styled in gale-force winds under a makeshift marquee, but the efforts of our lovely stylist were not to be in vain. We were more than happy with our fresh festival looks and buoyed by the uplift of our bouffant, we proudly strode over to the Annie Mac Presents Tent to catch female DJ-ing duo Riva Starr.

The sounds from this tent were on the whole harder than perhaps the Cream or Mixmag tents, but a bit of variation is always good, however I found myself being pulled back to the other two and later on, to the Swedish House Mafia tent. It was here that I found something really special; AN21. The HouseMinimalist/Techno trio from Stockholm had obviously set the stage on fire long before our arrival, as the crowd were in a frenzy with hands in the air and legs everywhere. The trio are actually unsigned at the moment but I don't expect this to be the case for much longer; I liken their energy on stage to that of the Neptunes and it would be great to see them do as well.

Paul van Dyk, and Calvin Harris were particular crowd pleasers, playing a selection of their most popular tracks to the eager crowd, with a lot of respect being paid to the former. An interesting experience came in the form of a visit to the Strongbow Bowtime Bar, where we saw a set by The Subs. This lively and much animated performance was certainly drawing a lot of looks and second glances, as they premiered new single 'Fuck That Shit'... now I love a crowd sing-along but there's only so many times I can hear this statement bellowing across my head, through my ears, in to my soul, before I start to re-evaluate my life choices and exit. Perhaps not for me this one. Maybe I’ll check out their new EP 'Vomit In Style'; maybe I've been too hasty with my judgements... then again, maybe not.

Leftfield, and Tiesto rounded off the night and festival perfectly; the first being chilled and relatively quiet due to the second having just kicked off his set across the site. I managed to take a few photographs before a mini crowd surge erupted and several girls had to be carried out of the main arena area, as Tiesto continued to whip the crowd up, aiming to bring everyone's festival conclusion to a positive climax.

In conclusion, my initial thoughts and preferences remain resolute; chilled and funky house is my zone of choice and I could sit or dance for hours to this particular sub category of the genre. I don't think hard house or techno will ever be my thing, but I do appreciate the craftsmanship of those particular DJs. I really enjoyed my first Creamfields Festival and I would say that it definitely exceeded my expectations with regards to facilities, atmosphere and energy. I can only imagine who they will dream up for next year's line-up, but I do hope that the Vanity Van, the lovely Lucy from Cream and all the crazy, unstoppable, unfathomable festival-goers are in attendance, as will I be.

around the festival site (Cream tent)
review by: Shelley Hanvey

photos by: Lynsey Hanvey

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