Disabled Facilities

published: Mon 14th Oct 2013

around the festival site

The festival sits in an area which isn't very level and wheelchair users and those with serious mobility issues would find it hard going in bad weather. The festival does offer free carer tickets so that they can help, although to access some areas without motorised chairs is hard work.

It does offer all the usual facilities, it's worth contacting them first for info on wheelchair chargers, disabled parking, medical support, disabled loos, etc. Only some of the larger stages have viewing platforms with decent views.

Most stages and stalls are positioned relatively close to one another, however, and movement and viewing throughout the day is easy, at night however congestion can occur either in front or getting to stages and large crowds of people develop. It's worth using the woods side of the site for easier travelling at night, but take a torch (lights).

There is a dedicated disabled camping area on a level walk too and from the main stage, and it's worth using - be aware that it does fill up quickly so don't hang about booking it in. You can bring a few friends in with you as we'll so you don't have to abandon your friends to stay there. The normal campsite is large although in the most part level but does get crowded if you need some space. You can also book to bring your car into this area and park next to your tent. The distance to and from the main camping areas canand the fields are bumpy in places. Some areas may be suitable in dry weather but most will not in wet weather or if it has rained in the week preceding the festival.

The Disability Camping Area has a boarded road between it and the main arena, but once in the arena you will mostly be going across fields or gravel paths, so allow plenty of time to get between venues.

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festival information by: Steve Collins

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