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interview at Beermageddon

published: Wed 29th Aug 2012


Friday 24th to Sunday 26th August 2012
The Black Horse Inn, 358 Lower Somercotes, Somercotes, Derbyshire, England MAP
£30 including camping - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 250
last updated: Thu 16th Aug 2012

After a blistering set, spirits were high for Exeter based rockers Sanguine at the inaugural Beermageddon. Singer Tarin Kerrey, Guitarist Nick Magee, Bassist Tom Sherwood & Drummer Matt Feld sat down with us for a quick chat to talk about their year, festivals, gigs, the music industry, their future and gave us a little insight into what makes them tick...

Drummer Matt Feld is having an issue sitting down to begin the interview as it's been raining here at Beermageddon and the bench is a bit wet.
Matt Feld (MF): I may stand because the bench is wet and you're all braver than me.
All: Awwwwww.
Tarin Kerrey (TK) singer: Matt won't sit down, cuz Matt's a p***y.
Nick Magee (NM) guitarist: Matt you're a drummer, you should be used to having a wet arse.
MF: I should be, but not when I'm not drumming.

Lots of jokes are being passed around the table as everyone gets seated and the guys are all having a laugh at Matt's expense.
TK: Laughter – That's you're introduction to Sanguine...

For Those that don't know who you are, how would you best describe yourselves?
NM: Imagine Burt Bacharach... Like that. Nah, we're a band. From Exeter.
MF: We're ridiculously awesome.
NM: That's about it.
TK: What are you talking about? They need more than that.
NM: Oh right yeah, more than that.
TK: We're a female fronted Alt Metal band hailing from Exeter, coming to F**k you up the arse.
NM: That's much better, what she said.
Tom Sherwood (TS) bassist: But not literally.

What's your favourite Colour?
MF: Well today it's fluorescent yellow to match the wrist-bands.
NM: I'm going for red, I like red – it's dangerous and racy.
TK: What are you talking about? Guys! Guys! Guys! Listen up: Our band is called 'Sanguine', there might be a reason for that, it has to be red.
NM: Why's that?

Who influences you the most or has been your biggest influence?
NM: Burt Bacharach.
MF: The colour red.
NM: I'm just gonna go right in there and say Faith No More. They're amazing.
TK: Metallica
NM: Rammstein
TK: Yeah, we have so many influences it's hard to think of them all.
NM: Loads of bands, we've been listening to music forever.
MF: Forever, that's a long time.
NM: Yeah, we were there when the Beatles formed. We sort of wrote some songs for them, helped them out, you know how it is – we like to keep it on the low... Who else do we like? We played with Megadeth the other day, their alright, someone should sign them.

What's the highlight of your year been so far?
NM: Loads of highlights, loads.
TK: How do you chose between playing with Megadeth, and playing Download?
NM: Megadownload?
MF: I don't know this year it's been, played in Ibiza, played at Download, played with Megadeth, played Beermageddon.
NM: Loads of stuff – so much to chose from.
MF: It's been such a good year for us.
TK: Put it this way, when you write out your bucket-list as a musician, Download is on there, playing with one of the 'Big-Four' is on there, being part of the first of a festival is on there – so what do you pick?

What's the worst part about being in a band?
MF: Hearing Nick talk.
NM: Matt – it's a simple one word answer for that. Just... Matt.
TK: Move on quickly

If you could have written any song, what would it be?
MF: Nick, do not say a Burt Bacharach song.
NM: I can't even name one Burt Bacharach song, I've got no idea who Burt Bacharach is and I have no idea why his name is stuck in my head.
TS: Happy Birthday, the royalties would be awesome.
NM: Yeah, we should have written that.

What do you think of the music industry in general today?
NM: It's ruined. It looks like someone's taken a giant turd on it.
TK: I don't know, it's kinda hanging on – it's changed a lot, but music's changed, I mean how many old bands have you seen come back lately and tour, because they can't sell their CD's any more which is great for the live music scene. If you're a musician you love playing live.
NM: There was a time when you could just record in your basement and become popular, but you've got to get out there and tour now which is great for everyone, the bands and the fans. Who knows where it's gonna go, the labels have had to change a bit so it'll be interesting to see which way they go. A lot of bands have done it themselves, like us and Enter Shikari, but it's changing.

So, what advice would you give someone starting out in the music industry today?
MF: Never listen to Nick.
NM: Don't get involved, it's horrible, you'll hate it, you'll end up living in a garage under a bin – you'll become a shell of your former self. It's very scary. You might get stabbed.

What stuff have you recorded? CD's EP's – what's online & where can people get it?
TK: Sell, Sell, Sell
NM: Go to
TK: Our website, we've got our self-titled debut album and we're also giving away a live EP on their. Our album's also on Amazon.
NM: Go to our website, click download EP and hey-presto!
NM: I never thought I'd get to say hey-presto in an interview.

What have you guys got coming up and when can people expect to see you in the future?
NM: Coming up ooooh!
TK: Lots of self-touching.
MF: Lots of self-loving.
NM: A jelly party at some point.
NM: We're planing to go back to Gothemburg to record with Jesper Stromblad from In Flames again and work on an album. We're just trying to work out when everyone's free and when we're gonna get on a plane and fly out there.
TK: Then we're gonna release our album and take over the world. Yay!
MF: So buy our stuff or we're just going to take you over anyway.
NM: Yes, what he said.

Thanks very much for your time guys, is there anything you'd like to add?
ALL: Thank you Beermageddon!!!

And with that the quartet head off back to the South-West of England to plot their impending global domination...
interview by: Will Tudor

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th August 2012
The Black Horse Inn, 358 Lower Somercotes, Somercotes, Derbyshire, England MAP
£30 including camping - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 250
last updated: Thu 16th Aug 2012

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