Sidmouth Folk Week 2018 line-up and rumours

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various venues, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8XR, England MAP
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daily capacity: 25000
last updated: Thu 19th Apr 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
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Fri 3rd Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Peter Knight & John Spiers
    (C) Les Barker
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Monster Ceilidh Band
Sat 4th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Show of Hands with Miranda Sykes
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Police Dog Hogan
Sun 5th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Gordie Mackeeman and His Rhythm Kings
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Blowzabella
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Elephant Sessions
Mon 6th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Stick in the Wheel
    (C) Naomi Bedford
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) McCusker/Drever/Woomble
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Blowzabella
Tue 7th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Alistair Anderson & Northlands
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Karine Polwart
    (C) Kaia Kater
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Blackbeard's Tea Party
    (C) Banter
Wed 8th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Cara Dillon
    (C) John Doyle
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) False Lights
    (C) Mikey Kenney & Damon Kilcawley
Thu 9th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Edgelarks
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening
    (C) Ye Vagabonds
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band
    (C) India Electric Co.
Fri 10th Aug 2018
  • Ham Marquee Afternoon
    (C) Faustus
  • Ham Marquee Evening
    (C) Gigspanner Big Band
    (C) Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
  • Bulverton Marquee Evening
    (C) Vintage Cock And Bull Band
Unknown Day
  • Ham Marquee Lunchtime
    (C) National Youth Folk Ensemble
    (C) The Emily Askew Band
    (C) Whapweasel
  • unknown stage
    (C) Ann Hinchcliffe
    (C) Annie Winter
    (C) Barry Goodman
    (C) Beryl Jukes
    (C) Bob & Gill Berry
    (C) Bob Ellis
    (C) Bowjolie
    (C) Canaan's Land
    (C) Charlotte Rich
    (C) Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
    (C) Contrasaurus Stradivarious
    (C) Daisy Black
    (C) Dan Quinn
    (C) Debs Newbold
    (C) Diabel Cissokho
    (C) Diatonics
    (C) Ed Rennie
    (C) Eli West
    (C) Emma Wooders
    (C) Fairport Convention
    (C) Fee Lock
    (C) Frances Watt & Chris Walshaw
    (C) Georgia Lewis
    (C) Gordon Potts
    (C) Hannah Moore
    (C) Hector Riddell
    (C) Jack Rutter
    (C) Jacqueleyn Hynes
    (C) Jane Thomas
    (C) Janet Dowling
    (C) Jigfoot
    (C) Jim Causley
    (C) Jim Moray
    (C) Jo Freya
    (C) Jo May
    (C) John Dipper
    (C) John Howson
    (C) John Kirkpatrick
    (C) Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente
    (C) Katie Howson & Martin Brinsford
    (C) Kerry Fletcher
    (C) Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow
    (C) Kitty Greenwood Terry Mann
    (C) Kitty MacFarlane
    (C) Lasair
    (C) Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp
    (C) Limehouse Cut
    (C) Liz Giddings & Roger Digby
    (C) Lost Sound Chorus
    (C) Lynne Render
    (C) Madeleine Smith
    (C) Magpie Lane
    (C) Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick
    (C) Martyn Harvey
    (C) Matt Quinn
    (C) Megan Hatto
    (C) Megan Wisdom
    (C) Michael Catovsky
    (C) Mike Bailey
    (C) Mike Boston
    (C) Mrs Midnights
    (C) Narthen
    (C) Nick & Mary Barber
    (C) Nick Dow
    (C) Nick Walden
    (C) Old Swan Band
    (C) Out of Hand
    (C) Patrick Ryan
    (C) Paul Downes & Friends
    (C) Pete Coe
    (C) Phillip Henry
    (C) Plastikes Karekles
    (C) Playford Liberation Front
    (C) Polka Pests
    (C) Polkaworks
    (C) Rachel Shapiro Wallace
    (C) Racker Donnelly
    (C) Relentless Ceilidh Band
    (C) Rock Of Eye
    (C) Roisin White
    (C) Rowan Piggott
    (C) Ryan Young with Jenn Butterworth
    (C) Sam Carter
    (C) Sandra Kerr
    (C) Saul Rose
    (C) Sea-green Incorrigible Music
    (C) Shooting Roots
    (C) Stream of Sound
    (C) Stumpy Oak
    (C) Sue Coe
    (C) The Dollymopps
    (C) The Rheingans Sisters
    (C) The Rowsome Family
    (C) The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain
    (C) The Valiant Dance Band
    (C) Thom Ashworth
    (C) Threepenny Bit
    (C) Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns
    (C) Toby Hay
    (C) Tom Moore & Archie
    (C) Val Knight
    (C) Vertical Expression
    (C) West Gallery Music Association
    (C) Will Lang
    (C) Will Noble
    (C) Will Pound's Through The Seasons

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